Jagged! Foreign tourists show off Caught a bunch of parrotfish in Phi Phi Island, ignoring Thai law

Jagged! Foreign tourists show off Caught a bunch of parrotfish in Phi Phi Island, ignoring Thai law Ask the state and related agencies to punish

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An online viral trend has spurred criticism, with a foreign tourist posting videos of parrotfish, moray eels and other fish on Phi Phi Island, a paradise in the Andaman Sea. Krabi

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by such tourists Stated in the video clip that he intentionally shot fish with a harpoon or spear fishing, diving down to a depth of 30 meters. # Foreigner catches parrot fish Trending Twitter Thailand

One Twitter user has come out to post. “Catching animals in the park area is wrong. How can you still catch a parrot fish that is a protected animal? Parrotfish are very important fish in the marine ecosystem. Younger also helps to get rid of dead corals. The person who brought it has to take responsibility. I want to help with this matter.” Which has been retweeted more than 20,000 times, many netizens beg the state to accuse such foreigners under Thai law. and to punish people on board for not admonishing such foreigners

“I’m angry, my sister is important to the underwater ecosystem. keep eating dead coral To prevent algae from covering the coral again. Even if I’m a tourist, I don’t have the right to kill and catch animals like this. He lives well under the sea for people to go diving to see. Then what will you take your friend? All conservation animals” , “Thai km must be serious with these foreign tourists”

“When I saw it, I was about to cry. Should there be a rule that the boat drivers – entrepreneurs who travel into natural tourist attractions must have a certain level of knowledge? And is the person there, no one forbids it? Caught a lot of fish like that.” Recently, the foreigner has removed clips of parrotfish and other fish from Tiktok.

National Park Office Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation State that parrotfish (Parrotfish) is a medium-sized marine fish. large scales The beak has a retractable mouth. parrot-like mouth (It is the origin of the name parrot fish) because the parrot fish has a shape. beautiful appearance and color Therefore, there are people who are popular to watch and play and bring it as food.

causing the parrot fish population to decline Impact on the overall ecosystem of the sea in that area will be very unbalanced. More corals die, recover more slowly, and when bleaching occurs due to rising sea temperatures. It will be difficult to recover or die permanently.

Photo from the National Parks Office – National Parks of Thailand

National Park Office Let’s campaign everyone together. Do not support, do not buy, do not eat parrot fish. If you see a parrot fishing in a national park, notify the authorities for legal action.
The Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation has issued an announcement dated August 11, 2015, prohibiting any acts that disturb change behavior or harm animals of all kinds in the national park Failure to do so will be an offense and will be punished according to the National Park Act B.E. 2504.

Section 16(3) Takes an animal out or harms it by any means. to be dangerous to animals, as well as
Section 21. The official shall have the power to order the offender under Section 16 to leave the boundary of a national park or to refrain from any act. in the national park which is considered an offense under Section 24
Any person who violates section 16(3) shall be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years. or a fine not exceeding twenty thousand baht or both

Thank you for coming from National Park Office

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