Biography Sirikanya Tansakul, the candidate for the first female finance minister and head of the economic team


Biography Sirikanya Tansakul

Sirikanya Tansakul, nicknamed Mai, was born on April 4, 1981, at present, she is 42 years old. Her family is Thai of Chaozhou Chinese descent. The owner of a bus operation business in Chonburi province. Finished middle school at Chonkanyanukul School high school at Triam Udom Suksa School Graduated with a bachelor’s and master’s degree from the Faculty of Economics Thammasat University and a master’s degree from the University of Toulouse France

Work before she entered politics Previously worked as a researcher at the Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI), then became a research manager at the Future Thai Studies Institute and as a Senior Consultant at The Advisor Co., Ltd. Before becoming a policy director for the Future Forward Party in 2018, he was chairman of the economic development committee of the House of Representatives. and often discussing economic issues And the monopoly of the capital group, then in 2019 until now, she has been a party-list MP. as well as being the deputy leader of the Progressive Party and head of the economic team

According to the 2023 election results, the Kao Klai Party won first place and had the right to form a government, making Sirikanya a potential candidate. Partylist MPs as well as being a candidate for the position of the first female Minister of Finance in Thailand and also holds the position of head of the economics team

For the far-reaching economic team with Mai Sirikanya Tansakul as the commander of the team The team has already been launched at the end of March 2023 under the concept of transforming Thailand differently, consisting of

1. Mr. Weerayut Kanchuchat or Ton is an associate professor at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS), a university in public policy. of Tokyo Japan Doing research on Asian economic tigers and middle-income traps be the author of the book tricolor economy future economy Will push forward the global high-tech industry supply chain

2. Mr. Sittiphol Wibulthanakul Or Dr. Chai, currently a director of a private company, Thai brand lifestyle products Moshi Moshi, is an associate judge in the Intellectual Property and International Trade Court. It will propose guidelines for 5 Tor. There are policies such as lottery receipts and adding handicaps to develop Thai SMEs to grow.

3. Mr. Worapob Wiriyaroj Member of the list of MPs of the Kao Klai Party, one of the economic leaders of the party It will propose a policy to support SME entrepreneurs that are different from other parties. with a way to reduce costs for ordinary people and the business sector through a systematic adjustment of Thailand’s energy policy

4. Mr. Apisit Laisatruglai Economic Scholars are currently 1 in 100 candidates. List of MPs for the Kao Klai Party in the 2023 election by Mr. Apisit He is currently the chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bangkok Marketing Office and is one of the drivers of Thailand’s creative economy. Formerly the director of Thailand’s Creative and Design Center (TCDC) and the Creative Economy Promotion Agency (CEA).

Mai Sirikanya Tansakul, leader of the economic progress team along with 6 other team members who are very experienced in all aspects

5. Mr. Chaiwat Satawornwichit or Dr. Joe, a financial technology expert and data strategist, former deputy director of the corporate strategy group Contributes to a project to develop a central bank digital currency (CBDC) for cross-border payments. It will push forward the policy to transform data into treasure.

6. Mr. Decharat Sukkamnerd Director of the Policy Center for the Future (Think Forward Center) of the Kao Klai Party, former professor at Kasetsart University policy pushers of the Progressive Party will present a policy to unlock the lives of Thai farmers and stop freezing the Thai countryside

7. Ms. Sirikanya Tansakul List of MPs and Deputy Leader of the Progressive Party He is the head of the economic development team, and he was the director of the policy department. Future Forward Party as the chairman of the economic development committee of the council and often discussing economic issues and the monopoly of capital groups

For the far-reaching party economic team will be presented in 7 agendas to change the Thai economy, consisting of Made with Thailand, opening opportunities for SME markets, breaking monopoly capital, reducing cost of living, unlocking creative economy Turn data into treasure Stop freezing the Thai countryside. government overhaul bring the Thai economy forward Each economic team will be responsible for 1 term each, respectively, with the Kao Klai Party wanting the Thai economy to grow fairly. is economic growth as well. And the fruit of the growth is distributed fairly. Also known as Inclusive Growth, the goal has 3 parts: laying a solid foundation for Thai people’s lives. establish fair competition rules and bring Thai businesses to the global market

The far-reaching party’s economic development strategy is inclusive growth by making the economy grow. but at the same time The fruits of development must be distributed fairly. There are three main areas that must be addressed: building a solid economic foundation (Firm Ground), creating government mechanisms and fair game rules, and pushing for new economic machines that grows with the global supply chain (Fast Forward Growth)

Pictured: Watcharachai Klaiphong, Kao Klai Party

References: Progressive Party

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