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Chloe Grace Moretz reveals Family Guy meme hates herself for fear of being photographed

Chloe Grace Moretz said she even had symptoms. “Hate her body” because of the comedy Family Guy that mocked her body. until becoming a popular meme in the online world

“There was one meme that had a huge impact on me. It’s a picture of me holding a pizza box walking into the hotel.” Chloe Grace Moretz told in an interview with the magazine. Hunger “This picture has been adapted into one of the characters. Family Guy with long legs But with such a short span, it became one of the most forwarded memes.”

Chloe Grace Moretz admits that she felt exhausted when the meme made her appearance a hot topic. She admits that it’s hard for her to get over her body when it comes to making jokes about other people.

“Everyone made fun of my body. When I try to talk about it They’d be like, ‘Come on, it’s just a joke.’ I remember thinking my body was a joke. It’s something I can’t change. And it was posted all over Instagram.”

Which the person admits that this picture has affected her until now. It’s still a very difficult thing to do.”

“It had an impact on many levels to what I had previously enjoyed. like dressing up for the red carpet It made me feel extremely nervous.” The 25-year-old said, “I think I have a form of hatred. which we all have this feeling But it was stimulated by social media.”

Chloe Grace Moretz says she has recently started trying to get a job. Because it allows me to live a life disconnected from the photographers and the media. and returned to being himself I have been living my life without anyone waiting to take pictures of myself all the time.”

“But at the same time, the time had to be photographed again. It also made me very worried. the heart will start strong I feel like I’m going to faint.” Chloe Grace Moretz said



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