The Hat Yai-Padang Besar train derailed and the carriage was damaged. A 2-meter deep hole was found. The tracks were distorted.

The Hat Yai – Padang Besar train derailed and damaged the carriage, found a hole 2 meters deep, and the tracks were distorted. Officers rushed to verify whether it was bombed or not.

On December 3, 65 in Songkhla province, reporters reported that The Hat Yai – Padang Besar freight train derailed in the area of ​​Moo 2, Ban Tha Pho Ok, Klong Ngae Sub-district, Sadao District, causing severe damage. By traveling to inspect it, it was found that 11 out of 20 freight wagons fell on the side of the road, with 4 train workers on the locomotive. not injured by the aforementioned train truck compressed rubber

from the examination found that The condition of the falling train carriage heavily damaged The wall of almost every cabinet was torn. In addition, a hole was still found on the railway, about 2 meters deep, with the Khlong Ngae police station blocking the scene. to wait for the explosives disposal team to investigate the cause

Mrs. Ropha Chobwaan, a villager, said that at the time of the accident, she was at a house about 300 meters from the derailment site and heard a whistle sound. Before there was a loud explosion-like sound. Followed by the sound of a train derailment. and there was a cloud of white smoke therefore hurried to the scene to help passengers who come with the train When he arrived, he found four train workers who were not injured but had ringing in their ears. The locomotive did not fall off the track. Causing no injury And he saw that there was a hole about 2 meters deep at the railroad track. and the steel rail was distorted and damaged to think it was an explosion But what the officials say is another matter. which he was still shocked by the events that had happened because I’ve never met before

Recently, however, the authorities blocked the scene. It’s a no-entry area. for the explosives disposal team to inspect the scene before the train staff to inspect and assess the repair

While the beach community train station has unloaded passengers at Khlong Ngae Railway Station to continue and had to close the railway line At the scene of the incident to wait for the repair to be completed

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