Transform your photos into cool anime easily with Different Dimension Me website.

Now the AI ​​system is said to have evolved a lot. Including the arts as well It can be seen from the app + website that let us write down the description of what we want and the AI ​​will transform it into an amazing piece of art… but if anyone wants to transform their normal photos into anime-style cartoon images. Sweet eyes, sharp chin, let’s try to play on the website. Different Dimension Me Now, the way to play is super easy, you don’t need to install any app, just go to the website, upload the image, wait a moment and you’re done.

Different Dimension Me is an AI system on Tencent QQ’s page that is available in China, but anyone can play it. But the website is all in Chinese, relying on guessing and poking around, haha. First, go to the website. first (both mobile and PC, but on PC, the UI is incomplete) will find this page. Press the button below to prepare to upload photos.

When coming to this page, press the button below again to upload the image.

Done, then wait a moment for the AI ​​system to process our photos into anime images. In the meantime, there will be a short music video clip showing real images that have been transformed into anime images for viewing.

Then press the lower left button to open the image and then press save. As for music video clips, if you want them, you must first apply for a Tencent QQ account in order to download them.

But like…AI is AI. Some images may turn out to be crazy until it’s fun to roll around. Like the sample picture below. Haha.


The article is in Thai

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