The LIVGolf Series Bangkok takes place on October 7-9 at Stone Hill Golf Course, Pathum Thani.

Reporters reported that has published a world-class golf tournament in the list LIV Golf Invitational Series Bangkok to compete between 7-9 October 2022 at Stone Hill Thailand’s new luxury golf course Located on 340 acres of land in Pathum Thani Province. It is now open for tickets to visit.

The LIV Golf Invitational Series Bangkok will feature world-renowned golfers from the world, including Dustin Johnson, the latest winner of the tournament in Boston, and Spanish golfer Sergio Garcia. Competitors in Thailand in many competitions The Thai golfers who will compete are Phatchara Kongwatmai and Sasom Kaewkanchana, as well as many other world-renowned golfers. to draw inspirational golf tournament patterns Have fun like never before

The Stone Hill Golf Club was officially opened on July 30, 2022, managed by Sarit Ratanawadee Executive Director, Stone Hill Estate Co., Ltd. Designed by designers The famous golf course model Kyle Phillips and Hart Howerton Architect Timothy Slattery. In this design, the two looked at the same point of wanting to make this place a world-class destination. and is a place that warmly reflects the ideals and tastes of its visitors.

The design of the Stone Hill Golf Course will challenge players. And must allow each player to fully feel the greatness of the land. The surface of the pitch is made up of natural grass. including decorating the surrounding area with bushes and beautiful trees Help make the atmosphere feel like you are in a foreign country.

The LIV Golf Invitational Series, created by LIV Golf Investments under the leadership of golf legend Greg Norman, kicks off the industry with eight tournaments in series. One of them has a race in Thailand as well. Total prize money up to 255 million US dollars.

The eight series will start this June and end in late October, with four races in the United States, with the rest being England, Thailand and Saudi Arabia. The final field has not yet been determined and will be announced later.

Each tournament format will be played over 3 rounds of 54 holes without cut cuts, divided into 4 teams of 12 players, all guaranteed to be world-class players. including invited golfers from all over the world to give everyone the opportunity to unleash their full potential

In addition, the prize pool for each field is $20 million for individuals. where everyone will receive a share and a team of $5 million Divided for the top 3 teams, before going to the final event, $30 million Individual and $50 million Teams.

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