Shock! Shopee Thailand fires lightning wave 2, layoffs again after just laying off 300 people

Shopee Thailand Major restructuring across the region, the second wave of self sufficient tightening belts, reducing the percentage of employees in Thailand to single digits After the middle of the year, just laid off 300 people.

Date 26 September 2022 Krungthep Turakij Reported that a source within Shopee Thailand (Shopee) revealed that Shopee is undergoing a major restructuring across the region, the second wave after just mid-year layoffs 300 Thai employees, this time to cut staff in Thailand. into a single digit percentage number. which confirms that this cut of staff will not affect the overall operation of the company

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Currently, Shopee has about 1,000 employees in Thailand. In order for Shopee to operate more efficiently and to continue, and not affect the overall picture of Shopee’s operations in Thailand, the current global economy is volatile. The e-commerce market is fiercely competitive. Streamlining the team Therefore, it is imperative that Shopee has to adjust its belt-tightening model. It must be self sufficient, which is a new organizational structure adjustment. Optimized for a strong ecosystem in the long run

Shock! Shopee Thailand fires lightning, lays off more than 300 employees
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In June 2022, Sea Group, parent company of popular online shopping platform Shopee, announced a major reorganization. All 300 employees in Shopee Thailand were laid off in three companies, namely Shopee (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Shopee Pay (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and Shopee Food Co., Ltd.

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