A 27-year-old woman suffering from stage 3 cancer warns not to look at things that are far away.


Previously, I had done a total of 16 lights, 2 minor surgeries, and now I have been treated with chemotherapy (chemo) 12 times, I have done it 1 time and there are quite a lot of side effects after chemotherapy (hair loss, nausea, loss of appetite). Easily irritated (with everything) and extremely tired

But nowadays, I think it’s a test that was thrown so hard that I couldn’t prepare myself. And I’d like to say that I’m not afraid of you cancer. You are the one who needs to leave!!!! From my life, I will fight you. Even though it’s many rounds, but I have to knock you down one day, you bad ass. I’m a fighter’s blood, my father’s soldier’s blood is so strong

Major surgery is coming, I have to beat you anyway. Now the reserve of rain’s blood has arrived. It’s complete. But I want to donate a lot. There are a lot of people waiting for blood type ab. Accidents happen every day. have surgery all the time Rain. May I be a bridge of merit for you. Ps. Anyone with AB blood type can donate blood to pass on 1 bag to 3 people. (Donate at Suan Dok Hospital or the Thai Red Cross Society, Chiang Mai. Now there’s a shortage of blood.)

thank you Namfon Amkt

The article is in Thai

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