Foxconn, an iPhone maker in Zhengzhou, agreed to pay new employees “50,000 baht” to resign immediately. after violent protests

Foxconn, an iPhone maker in Zhengzhou, agreed to pay new employees “50,000 baht” to resign immediately. after violent protests
Foxconn, an iPhone maker in Zhengzhou, agreed to pay new employees “50,000 baht” to resign immediately. after violent protests

Agencies – Yesterday(23 Nov)Foxconn Factory iPhone production base for Apple in Zhengzhou Foxconn announced it would pay new employees 10,000 yuan ($1,400) to immediately resign and leave the factory to go home in an effort to end violent protests after Foxconn’s breach of bonus promises prevented workers from doing so. satisfied

Fortune reported today (Nov. 24) a message sent from the human resources department to Foxconn employees on Wednesday, which US media CNN had the opportunity to see.

Employees were urged to return to their dormitories on campus. Foxconn also agreed to pay employees 8,000 yuan ($1,100) if they immediately quit their jobs and another 2,000 yuan ($300). if agreeing to take the bus to leave together The total amount is 10,000 yuan ($1,400) or around 50,000 baht.

Bloomberg pointed out that This bonus amount is more than the employee’s full month’s salary.

“Some employees are still concerned about COVID-19 and expect to quit and go home,” Foxconn said in the announcement, adding that it understood their concerns.

The announcement of the big payout for new employees at Foxconn’s factories came hours after reports of violent employee protests at the factory campus in Zhengzhou, Henan province, which employs 300,000.

Fortune reports that Employees left their dorms on Wednesday morning, angry at the lack of paychecks and simultaneously worrying about the spread of COVID-19. Employees were found to have clashed with factory security guards and Chinese riot police came in to restore order.

However, in a statement on Wednesday, Foxconn confirmed the protests had actually taken place but denied reports that it was. A number of COVID-19 sick workers tested positive inside the factory dormitories.

City officials said on Wednesday (23) that Zhengzhou’s urban area will be locked down from Friday to the 29th, nicknamed the “iPhone City” for its supply chain hub. With Apple on Wednesday, nearly 1,000 COVID-19 cases were reported.

CNN reported that protests broke out Tuesday night over terms of new workers’ pay and concerns about COVID-19. to the health of those people And the protests turned violent on Wednesday, with clashes between workers and a large panel of security personnel including Chinese SWAT personnel.

One of the witnesses told CNN that around 10:00 p.m., the protest ended with employees returning to their dorms and being paid the company’s offer, and at the same time fearing that there would be a crackdown. aggravated by the skill of the officers

The Zhengzhou iPhone factory has been hit by the COVID-19 outbreak since October, forcing it to lock down. and causing the employees to flock out in large numbers But Foxconn later announced a slew of new hires that saw at least 100,000 people sign up for the positions of interest. According to reports from Chinese media.

According to the document notifying the salary of new hired employees It was found that the new employees were promised a bonus of 3,000 yuan after 30 days of work and another 3,000 yuan after 60 days of service.

But when a new set of employees arrive at the factory to find that The company tells employees they will get their first bonus on March 15 and the second in May, meaning they have to work during the Chinese New Year period starting in January 2023 to get their first bonus.

One of the workers pointed out that What was told was not as promised and the staff felt cheated. And in a Foxconn statement on Thursday, it apologized, citing a computer input error. The payment of the bonus will be in accordance with the original promise.

CNN reported Thursday morning that some employees have agreed to leave and receive their first paycheck while streaming shows.
Employees were seen testing for COVID-19 outside while some waited to board the bus. And later, a large number of employees waited for the bus to leave.

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