Register for half a person, phase 5, collecting rounds, there are still more than 2 million rights left: PPTVHD36

“Half-per-person project, Phase 5”, a collection round with 3,090,000 rights remaining via the Pao Tang application or It turns out that the atmosphere is not very lively. After 4 hours, about 200,000 people have registered. There are still more than 2,819,719 rights left.

which can be registered through 2 channels, namely the Pao Tang app or the website of half-person

The Ministry of Finance will open a new registration round. From today – October 1, 2022 between 6:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

PTT, the champion of disbursement of state enterprise investment budget, exceeds the target of 103%, totaling 68 billion baht

“Deschamps” satisfied “France” won the first match.

and people who have been granted the project rights but did not spend the first time within the specified period which the overall atmosphere is not bustling This may be because half of each person in Phase 5 gives a spending limit of not more than 800 baht per person throughout the project period until October 31, coupled with the number of shops that accept half each person. There is a lot less.

Mr. Pornchai Thiravej, Director of the Fiscal Policy Office As a spokesman for the Ministry of Finance revealed that half of the project, Phase 5, accumulated spending of 25,331 million baht, divided into 12,942 million baht paid by the public and 12,561 million baht by the government, most of which was spent in restaurants and beverages 10,260. Million baht, Thongfa shop 5,350 million baht, O-top shop 1,233 million baht.

Thai people stop using cash More popular to transfer-pay via digital Even if there are concerns about safety

5 big real estate parade of new houses and condos, expected to touch “hundred thousand units” this year

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