“Prawit” confirms approval to cancel the Emergency Decree, not worried about the political situation : PPTVHD36

General Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister and Acting Prime Minister Revealed under the meeting of Prof. A large set of the cancellation of the Emergency Decree and the dissolution of Prof. It is effective from October 1, 2022, which takes care of the general situation. There is a normal law. Don’t worry.

When asked by September 30th, do I have to prepare to deal with the chaotic situation? After the Constitutional Court voted to decide the 8-year term of General Prayut Chan-ocha’s term as Prime Minister, General Prawit smiled and said, “Oh no, no deception, nothing deceived.” As for the official news, there was no notification.

Anutin has a plan to continue CCP cancels the Emergency Decree Not clear. Covid. No need to quarantine.

Doctor Udom insists that there is no vacuum to change through covids from dangerous diseases not afraid of the epidemic

COVID-19: 752 new cases of COVID-19, 9 deaths

When asked about regulations The Election Commission on campaign banners of political parties that may require the removal of banners of the Pracharat Party and other parties, General Prawit said that if the Election Commission determines any size banners, it must be dismissed. If it’s too big, it must be disengaged.

Prawit did not respond to the media, canceling the Emergency Decree Can you control the situation of political movements?

WHO warns the world is starting to sag, Covid-19 may mutate out of sight

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