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Some anti-war protesters in Ukraine received handouts summoned to military service.

for many Russian men The government announced the mobilization of 300,000 reserves. Mr. to go to war in Ukraine is a shock.

by major Russian cities The seven-month Ukrainian war seemed distant. But as soon as President Vladimir Putin’s announcement was over, they directly felt the impact of the war. Being summoned to battle in the war was closer to them than expected.

Office chat rooms are filled with anxious messages about what will happen next. There were discussions and plans on how to avoid being sent to fight in the Ukrainian battlefield.

“It’s like a science fiction movie from the 1980s. To be honest, it’s pretty scary,” said Dmitry, 28, a St. Petersburg office worker. He said the staff here were unable to start work. Watching the Russian leader’s announcements on TVs, computers and cell phone screens.

Dmitry took a leave of absence after lunch. And quickly exchange the ruble for dollars at a nearby bank.

Previously, Dmitry had to move house. because the police came After he joined the protest against the war of invasion of Ukraine. He believes that now it will be harder for the authorities to track him down.

“I’m still not sure what to do next. boarding a plane abroad or stay in Russia any longer and was chased by the police for their anti-war protests.”

Sergey (pseudonym) has received a summons for military service.

He is a 26-year-old doctoral student and a professor at a famous Russian university.

The night before President Putin announced the mobilization of reserve forces. He was waiting for someone to deliver food to his home. But when the door opened Instead, he meets two undercover men filing military documents. and ask him to sign his name.

The BBC received a copy of the document. which has the content asking him to go to the military recruiting center on Sept. 22


Sergey, a doctoral student with no previous military training experience. Received documents for summoning to military service

The Russian government said Officials will be summoned to fight in this war only those who have completed military service. and have special skills in battle But Sergey said he had never experienced anything before, and this caused great concern to his stepfather. Because evading military service is a criminal offense in Russia.

Sergey’s stepfather works at a Russian state oil company. and a few hours later He was also ordered to provide a list of employees who were exempt from military service by law.

Most Russian men are not immune to this. And many are trying to avoid being summoned to serve the country.

In Moscow, Vyacheslav said he and his friends had begun looking for acquaintances in the medical community to help with this.

“Treatment of mental health problems or drug addiction appears to be a good, cheap, or possibly free option,” he said.

“If you get drunk and get caught while driving You’re likely to have your driver’s license confiscated. and will have to undergo therapy although uncertain But I hope it helps me not to be taken away. [เข้ากองทัพ] can”

His brother-in-law narrowly escaped being summoned to military service. because he was not at home when the officers called His mother saw the document. which called him to report between 19-23 Sept.

“Right now he’s locked himself in a room. “He had two young children, aged 3 and 1, what should he do?”

Another man from Kaliningrad told the BBC: He would do anything to avoid conscription. “I broke my arm and my leg. I will go to jail Anything that doesn’t have to be drafted into the military.”

Thousands of Russians took part in anti-war protests in cities across the country on the night of Sept. 21, many saying they had received handouts for enlistment in the streets. and while in police custody

Human rights group OVD-Info says 10 Moscow police stations are handing out conscription documents to war protesters. And at least one man in Moscow refused to sign the documents. and was threatened with criminal prosecution.

A woman told the independent website Mediazona that her husband was arrested for participating in a war protest in central Moscow. after being taken to the police station He received the summons for military service. And he was forced to sign the document because the video was filmed by the police. He was then prompted to join the military on Sept. 22.

Mikhail, 25, decided to leave Russia for the neighboring Georgia at the beginning of the Ukrainian War. and had just returned home in a small town a few days ago. He plans to return to Georgia. But now he is worried about President Putin’s threat of nuclear weapons. Decided to settle down in Russia to be close to his family.

“We are in a panic. Many people in my town have been summoned to join the military. But I don’t have a name to live here, so I didn’t get it.”

Despite Mikhail having a good job in the Georgian capital. But now he sees it as meaningless anymore. because of the escalation of Vladimir Putin’s military operations

“I’ve lost interest in anything. I live for today only.”

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