Awards ‘Nine Entertainment Awards 2023’ honor


back again for “Nine Entertain Awards 2023 (Nine Entertain Awards 2023)” Prestigious award ceremony of entertainers Conducted by highly skilled hosts “Noo Mam Suriwipha Kultangwatana” with “Holy Ingot, Gold Ingot” that welcomes entertainers from all walks of life

The opening stage started with the first show with the theme song “Dai Hua Jai” that was received by two groups of entertainers, “SLOT MACHINE”, a veteran band in the music industry. and the heroine of the first superstar in Thailand “Bella Ranee Kampen”. The second show with 3 artists from the quality stage, such as Dome Jaruwat Cheawaram from The Star, Ton Thanasit Chaturaphut from AF and Pure Ek. Phan Wannasut from KPN-The Voice

Awards 'Nine Entertainment Awards 2023' honor - pride to entertainers

and the 3rd show from 5 artists, led by 3 young men “No One Eles”, “Grace Kanklao Duaysianklao” and “Elly Achiraya Nitipon” to show the song of the year. Including the last show from the jin duo, Fin Tlu Jor, C Nu New, Jam Film and Freen Becky.

Awards 'Nine Entertainment Awards 2023' honor - pride to entertainers

Awards 'Nine Entertainment Awards 2023' honor - pride to entertainers

with a summary of 14 prestigious awards “Nine Entertainment Awards 2023”

1. Royal Award Entertainment: Thongchai McIntyre

2. Behind the Scenes Person of the Year Award : Mr. Nopphon Komarachun

3. Family of the Year Award : Silachai Family

4. Creative Team of the Year Award: Drama Information Team from Chao Phraya to Irrawaddy

5. Song of the Year Award: Song Yang Bad: Paper Planes Petition / Melody: Thanwa Ketsuwan Arranged: Thanwa Ketsuwan, Nakarin Khunpakdee

6. Solo Artist of the Year Award: Bogie Lion

7. Group Artist of the Year Award: Thai Thotsamit

8. MC of the Year Award: Kanchai Kamnerdploy

9. Male Actor of the Year Award: Mario Maurer

10. Actress of the Year Award: Mai Charoenpura

11. Drama Award of the Year: From Chao Phraya to Irrawaddy

12. Movie of the Year Award: Magical Magic Six Characters

13. Special award for Most Engagement on Instagram: Bright Vachirawit Chivaree

14. People’s Favorite Award: Freen-Becky

Awards 'Nine Entertainment Awards 2023' honor - pride to entertainers

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