Who is Maya Sansun, Miss Fabulous Thailand 2023?


Maya Sunsun, the history of the second lady beauty, the owner of the title of Miss Fabulous Thailand 2023, who transcends the beauty standard, who is she? Let’s get to know each other.

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hilariously passed away for the contest stagequeenfreshman like Miss Fabulous Thailand 2023 that gives the opportunity for bothwomanandladyboyLet’s compete together without limiting the definition of beauty. And this year’s winner is Maya Sunsun A well-known net idol who surpassed the beauty standard with an admirable positive attitude. Until finally receiving this award makes many people want to know that Maya Sunsun Who is Kakku.com? Therefore, we would like to bring her story to everyone to know at the same time.

History of Maya Sunsun

for history Maya Sunsun Her real name is Kosol Sangwichian or “Nong Lan”, she is currently 24 years old and is a native of Nakhon Si Thammarat. Graduated with a vocational certificate from the College of Dramatic Arts Nakhon Si Thammarat Thai music department The singing of traditional Thai songs and continue to study at the higher education level at Bunditpatanasilpa Institute Branch of Thai music for the name Maya That came from when “Maya” Nonthawan Charavanatorn won the Miss Thailand World 2014 award, which Maya was her favorite beauty queen. Therefore named after it. Currently, Maya is a net idol with more than 1.1 million followers on Facebook.

What’s wrong with Maya Sansun?

Maya Sunsun Sick with a genetic disease called “Golden Conch Disease” or Ectodermal Dysplasia is the body may not have sweat glands. Therefore, it is necessary to wipe the body to cool the heat from the inside. In addition, patients with this disease will have a similar appearance, namely a protruding forehead, sunken bridge, upturned mouth, large chin, pointed ears, thin or no hair, and teeth and nails will not develop. Her brother also has this disease, but Maya Sansan does not feel that she is an inferiority complex. And don’t think about doing facial surgery. because she is satisfied with what she is

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From comedian to beauty pageant

first Maya and brother earn extra money by playing pranks In addition, she also had a song when she was 9 years old called “Nong Lan Dek Lo” or “Nong Lan Nakorn Luang” with the song “Dek Nae Sator” and was also the heroine of the music video. “I want to be a man in your eyes” of “Non Top Line” as well

As for the route of the beauty pageant Maya Has dreamed of becoming a beauty queen since childhood She used to compete for the title. “Miss Tries to Be Beautiful” from many stages, received the “Satellite” award from the Bunditpatanasilpa Institute. along with 4 other joint prizes and also successfully won the crown from the Miss SME Festival 2020 stage. Maya Sunsun also entered the Miss Tiffany stage contest to fulfill her dreams Which, although not qualified for the 30 finalists, but the committees said the same thing with her attitude make her beautiful and glowing

Maya Sunsun History

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Win the crown of Miss Fabulous Thailand 2023

latest Maya Sunsun successfully won the crown of the Miss Fabulous Thailand 2023 contest, where this stage provides an opportunity for both transgender women and real women to compete together against each other with different attitudes and beauty by Maya Able to overcome the beauty standard from a society that only looks at each other successfully and answering questions to win the hearts of the judges until winning the first prize In addition, she was also awarded the Miss Friendship to win another award as well.

Maya Sunsun History

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It can be called another mother who brings strengths to cover up weaknesses. They are also optimistic and have an admirable attitude. No wonder why Maya Sunsun to successfully seize the crown

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