Extremely degenerate, the abbot of a famous Khon Kaen temple, 69 years old, oral sex sucking The villagers revealed that there were supporters.

Extremely degenerate, the abbot of a famous Khon Kaen temple, 69 years old, oral sex sucking The villagers revealed that there were supporters.
Extremely degenerate, the abbot of a famous Khon Kaen temple, 69 years old, oral sex sucking The villagers revealed that there were supporters.

Extremely degenerate, the abbot of a famous Khon Kaen temple, 69 years old, oral sex, a young man who is passionate in his cubicle, the villagers expose themselves, like to get drunk and bring men to spend the night. But there are adults backing.

At 10:00 a.m. on January 24, 2023, reporters reported that the social media world and various pages in Khon Kaen province published a clip of a monk performing oral sex for a man. stating that he was the abbot of a temple in Phu Wiang District, Khon Kaen Province, with a message stating “There is only one Buddha image at the temple. Likes to drink alcoholic beverages and has a habit of bringing men to sleep with

At the same time, it also provides information that The temple committee and community leaders were all aware of it. but not monastic returned to seek benefits from the abbot of this temple in order to have money to enter the temple, but not the abbot All money goes into the temple committee’s pocket instead. Therefore would like to have an examination of the organization of the monks at this temple And examine the behavior of the temple committee who have been living like this for more than 10 years.”

Later, the reporter contacted the person who sent the details and information. (Referring to not revealing his name and surname), but living in the south, said that the incident in the clip happened in the abbot’s cubicle himself, including curtains, tables, beds, everything was still the same and did not think there would be another place like this. In which the man lying naked undressed is a man from Thailand. Udon Thani province took the clip.

He took a clip after seeing the incident. When I have the opportunity to travel to A. Phu Wiang and came to make merit at the temple. He also told the abbot of the temple to wear off from being a monk, but he refused to wear it. Including the monk’s relatives after hearing the story, they talked to themselves that they wanted them to feel and would like the clip to be published on the news for the clergy to come down to organize the temple because the behavior of the abbot of this temple is not suitable to be a monk anymore

“The clip clearly shows the face, so contact the media directly to release the news so that a senior monk can come and handle this matter. And the question is asked if anyone knows or not. It can be said that the villagers near the temple as well as the village elders know about it. but did not take any action because the temple had only one abbot If there is no monk, there is no money to make merit to go to the temple.

But the money that makes merit not logged into monk account Or the temple account set up by the committee in any way But every baht, every satang goes into the pockets of adults, money for making merit, money for religious offerings that the villagers join together to make merit. Therefore, I would like the monks and related officials to go to the area to inspect and organize this temple to be clean as well.”

The sender of the clip continued that The behavior of this temple abbot is often drunk. Drunk Naga tonic Always and will take men to sleep with regularly. And often other people from all over the world who know that the abbot likes to find happiness in this way contact the temple. Some people give money Some people come and go Which these behaviors are not suitable to be a monk anymore. This has happened a long time ago. Relatives and villagers knew the behavior but could not do anything. Because there are adults to help because of the expectation of benefits

At the same time, reporters went to the aforementioned temple in Song Puei Subdistrict, Phu Wiang District, Khon Kaen Province, which is the temple indicated as the scene of the incident in the clip and the monk in the clip is the abbot of this temple. As soon as the reporter arrived at the temple, he found that there were 3 monks in the temple, including the abbot. The abbot’s cubicle is on the left hand side.

When the reporter went to the abbot’s cubicle to meet with Abbot of the temple As soon as the temple abbot sees the clip, he denies that he is not himself. Ready to confirm the innocence that it is definitely not, let the heavens and earth be witnesses never behaved like this At the same time, the reporter surveyed around the abbot’s cubicle, which was painted pink. And there is a curtain similar to the one shown in the clip. By such behavior, if being a monk, it is considered inappropriate as a world watchcha. or the world reproaches Not reaching the level of Parachik or having to wear But if you feel like you don’t know where to go because you have been ordained all your life

Later, the reporter traveled to meet with Provost Keem Wuttikorn Abbot of Wat Si Phu Wiang and the Primate of Phu Wiang District at Wat Si Phu Wiang and met Provost Navin Analayo Secretary General of Phu Wiang District Dean Because the district clerk is addicted to Kitnimon

In which the reporter inquired about the clip, the secretary watched the clip not long ago and then turned it off and said that he could already remember seeing it from the corner of his eye. because he was the one who appointed this position for himself including the monk in the clip ordained at this temple by the primate of the district as the preceptor The monk in the picture is Prasit 69 years old, the abbot of said temple However, the aforementioned matter is a worldly matter. or the world does not reach the level of parachic because he is a man But such behavior is no longer appropriate to dominate the yellow cloth. And must immediately take away the sikkha in order not to tarnish Buddhism.

The secretary said that in the past, this abbot had never had any derogatory behavior. expected to be something that just happened And after it happened, we had to take action to make Buddhism white and clean. now feel humbled despite having been trained and taught to live in morality all along And after this, it will be reported to the Office of Buddhism. and report to the senior monk including the clergy will go into action immediately

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