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‘Uay An Osot VS Cher Aem’ The path to success of 2 heirs to the herbal business


Amidst the change of era But accepting the baton from 2 heirs to the herbal business”Uai and medicine” and “Cher Aem” continues to deliver the original value that business leaders have created By adapting new technology and strategies to continue managing work harmoniously.

“Uai An Osot” legendary herbal medicine brand spanning 7 decades

Uay An Osot Company Limited Manufacturer and distributor of herbal medicines The business has been in operation since the grandfather’s generation. Until now, to the 3rd generation heirs, which is one of the traditional Thai medicine businesses that has been with Thai people for more than 76 years.

Chanan Somboonwechakarn Managing Director of Uai An Osot Co., Ltd., a 3rd generation heir who came to take over the family business, said that his grandfather traveled from Guangzhou. Became an employee of a pharmacy until he was able to take the exam to become a doctor. and a traditional pharmacist who is licensed as a Chinese medicine practitioner. When you have saved enough money Therefore opened a 1-storey shop at the foot of Phra Phuttha Yot Fa Bridge. Selling modern and traditional medicine since 1947, named “Uai An Osot” which in Chinese means “Clean and safe” is what they stand for in doing business. Thai herbs Until today

A major makeover for a 76-year-old brand

Chanan It went on to say: If comparing Uai and medicine Being a person, the age of the brand is no different from that of an elderly person. But after a major rebrand Changes from the logo, emphasizing the letters “Uai An” to stand out more. To create “brand name” memory for consumers. and change the actual package to look better Even though it’s ancient But it can be in a modern look.

“I want to delete images that people often think Herbs must be bitter, old, and ancient. But I want to make herbs usable for all genders and ages. I want people to turn back to nature. Adjust your attitude: Take herbal medicine and you won’t get bored.”

For Chanan, he graduated with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Food Science and Technology at The Ohio State University, Columbus, USA. He came to work as a technical and international department manager. Take care of quality control Factory standard Invent new products Including importing and exporting products. Later, the father was promoted to managing director. Take care of every aspect of production, quality control, legal, drug registration. and the development of new drug formulas The first important mission assigned is development. Thai herbs To meet the needs of modern people’s lifestyles and target more specialized markets.

family business It’s a challenge. Because of changing old behavior It’s a difficult thing. Even though Chanan has been living abroad for more than 15 years, the time spent away He had not forgotten the values ​​of the organization that the older generation had created.

“I will not change the corporate culture. Even though modern technology is used to help They still take care of each other like family. The executives must be able to work with everyone. Accessible to employees Helps reduce gaps in work Communication will be better. The work will be good as well. I see people who will continue the family business. Must have a true understanding of the organization and preserve this value This is the key to running a family business.”

Heirs of “Bodhi Baitra Medicine” take on the challenge of starting a new business.

Many people may not yet know that.Cher Aem brand herbal medicine” which are available at convenience stores, drug stores, and leading supermarkets throughout the country. It has its origins from “Bodhi leaf medicine“Traditional Thai herbal medicine that is famous for its healing properties for more than 100 years.”Akkaraphat Tangtrongjit” has further developed the new brand as the executive of Jispraphat Limited Partnership

For “Akaraphat” he graduated with a bachelor’s degree. From the Faculty of Engineering Chulalongkorn University And went to study for a master’s degree at Eastern Michigan University, USA, in the field of MBA Finance. Upon graduation, he used the knowledge and experience gained. Came back to help with the family business.

After graduating, I returned to Thailand. He has tried to study and learn about the work within the Bai Pho Pharmaceutical Company, which is normal for a new generation of energetic people who want to change the old way of management. and develop management with knowledge new innovations But due to his age at that time It may cause his opinions to not be received as well as they should be.

When unable to change management within the company As intended, “Akaraphat” understood the intentions of more senior executives. So he decided to consult with the father. to set up a new company of their own, that is, Jispraphat Ltd. Manufacturer of herbal medicine brand “Cher Aem“And because they saw an opportunity in the market Thai herbs Therefore, a new factory was established in 2001 and the first product from this new factory was Cher Aem brand herbal inhalant.

Even though the family already has a herbal medicine business But starting a new business of his own made “Akarapat” feel like he had to start from scratch, take action and learn everything by himself. Both in terms of administration Product development and marketing

“In the early days of doing business Drug stores, grocery stores, convenience stores They are the parties that come to deal with the company. But as time passed Society has changed and developed more. People have choices. Have more power in purchasing decisions As a result, more bargaining power has shifted to drug stores and convenience stores. Never stop creating an advantage. to increase bargaining power Both product development Invent new drug formulas including adding a variety of products to the market and expand awareness base through advertising both in online and offline formats”

Akkarapat concludes by saying that we must know whether we will be the CEO or whether we will be the boss. If it’s the boss Must stand in front of the store And give orders to subordinates all the time. If you’re the CEO, give the policy. then let him develop Then just point it out. Some things must be sacrificed in order to develop people to be better. And in the future we will be less tired.

This is the prototype. family business of 2 business heirs Thai herbs who have the idea to develop the business to grow along with managing the family business By creating a new brand image in the old memory. To carry on the old business for many decades very well.


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