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‘Somsak’ points out that there is no Deputy Prime Minister for security to solve the problems in the 3 provincial borders. The Prime Minister visited the area on 27 Nov.


“Somsak” points out that there is no deputy prime minister. Security department Integration of work in the southern region has no problems, working in harmony, saying that emergency decree is free. We have to finish talking before revealing that the Prime Minister is preparing to visit the area on 27 November to look at Malaysian relations.

21 Nov. 2023 at Government House, Mr. Somsak Thepsuthin, Deputy Prime Minister Referring to the case of the Special Commission to consider, study and propose guidelines for promoting the peacebuilding process to solve conflict problems in the three southern border provinces. Asked about the Deputy Prime Minister responsible for Security, he said that he had not seen anyone say that he must be the Deputy Prime Minister for Security. But the division of labor in the three southern border provinces has emerged. He also sat on many committees. and work in coordination with other Deputy Prime Ministers There shouldn’t be any problem. As for the discussion on peace at the southern border It is the framework of the previous government.

and still not successful which he saw as solving the overall problem in the 3 southern border provinces If we talk about it, it will be the right direction, pleasing to all parties, so that we can walk. which he is responsible for Emergency decree There are still more than 20 districts remaining that need to be discussed in order to unlock. Therefore, I want there to be a discussion about what can be done and accepted by people all over the country. But he is confident that Guidelines that have been studied in a short period of time Saw a way to make 3 southern border provinces How to walk towards peace

However, on November 27, the Prime Minister is preparing to visit the southern region. and went to area 3 Southern border provinces to see the political relationship with Malaysia It will be shown that The government is attentive to solving problems.

As for the tendency to cancel All of those emergency decrees. If we finish talking about the emergency decree. It’s not a serious matter. The reason for keeping it is because the discussion has not yet ended. Therefore, the matter of the Emergency Decree must be brought to bear. But if they talk together, everything will be over and the Emergency Decree will be canceled. All will be last. He would like to use this approach rather than canceling just 1-2 districts.

When asked about the Emergency Decree Are there any obstacles to working? Mr. Somsak said it was not a big obstacle. Just democracy There must be something that is a questionable condition for the people. Because we are elected, we should make it perfect. He would not allow anyone to cause him to break the rules of Dhamma in resolving the problems of the three southern border provinces. Initially responsible for this part If not done well, there will be insecurity in the area. If we can talk and bring about safety, the people will accept it. It is believed that it will lead to a path to success if all parties help each other.

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