Here it is, the class leader came himself after a famous page revealed that Pitha did not graduate from Mathayom 3 at Bangkok Christian School | Siam News

Here it is, the class leader came himself after a famous page revealed that Pitha did not graduate from Mathayom 3 at Bangkok Christian University.

On November 21, the Nok Krasae page posted a message stating: The drama of Chaturamit’s letters has never ended. A famous page found fault with Pitha for saying she went to study in New Zealand when she was 11-12 years old. Why did they dig up pictures from her time in Mathayom 3 at Bangkok Christian School? Following the 30th Chaturamit Samakkhi Traditional Football Competition, which had a dramatic issue regarding the abolition of compulsory transliteration, Mr. Pitha Limjaroenrat Advisor to the leader of the Forward Party who is an alumnus of Bangkok Christian School also came out to talk about the issue By saying that he had participated in transliteration 2 times, causing many people to find fault. Sit plus minus time

Since Mr. Pitha moved to study in New Zealand when he was 11-12 years old, when did he take the time to participate in alphabet writing? With some people coming out to express their opinion that Because Bangkok Christian School has primary school. It’s not like other schools that use only high school students. Mr. Pitha may have been involved since then. But it is still controversial.

On the page side, what are you lying today? also came out to post about the said issue as well By bringing a picture from when Mr. Pitha was in Mathayom 3 to post with the message that “Photo of Khun Pitha, Mathayom 3, Bangkok Christian School. The news source informed that Khun Pitha did not finish Mathayom 3 and moved out. The matter of going to study in New Zealand is true. But why in the interview that I went to school when I was 11-12 years old, maybe it made me look pitiful or I misremembered, I don’t know. As for going on the stand to cheer 2 times, there are 2 possible meanings:

1. Went up on the stand at the World Scout Day 1 time and at the ball 1 time in Mathayom 2.

2. Attended the football event in Mathayom 2 both times, on the opening day and the closing day. I would like to ask for fairness regarding Mr. Pithara, who studied until Mathayom 3 as well. It is very pitiful.

Later, a Facebook user named Orio Piriyawat, who was with Pita Limjaroenrat, posted a message with pictures of all of Mr. Pitha’s academic records, stating that as the former head of Mathayom 2, Room 25 and Mathayom 3, Room 35, I am O (friend Called Tia) กท.22718 Tim Pitha studied with me and changed the alphabet together to BCC145 forever. I check the names and count the number of students every morning. The issue of studying abroad is overlapping, a lie. Let me explain here. He actually went to study, but it was like Go to study in the summer, go to camp as you like, take a semester break, until you’re ready, then go study abroad full time. So, let’s differentiate. End of drama. bcc145

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