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The government aims to expand the Thai labor market abroad by 100,000 positions in 2024.

The government aims to expand the Thai labor market abroad by 100,000 positions in 2024.
The government aims to expand the Thai labor market abroad by 100,000 positions in 2024.

“Karam” reveals that the government aims to encourage Thai workers to work abroad legally, aiming to expand the labor market by 100,000 positions in 2024.

Mr. Karom Phonphonklang, Deputy Spokesperson of the Prime Minister’s Office, revealed that the government, through the Ministry of Labor Aiming at promoting Thai workers to have a better quality of life and living conditions. Including having a stable income. The government is ready to support and encourage quality Thai workers to work abroad legally and with welfare support. This will be another channel to increase opportunities for Thai workers to earn income. and develop quality of life

Mr. Karom said that Mr. Pipat Ratchakitprakarn, Minister of Labor Has given a policy to promote and expand the Thai labor market abroad, amounting to 100,000 positions within fiscal year 2024, for which the Department of Employment has already prepared a plan to send Thai workers to work abroad. Emphasis is placed on promoting and maintaining employment in the existing labor market. along with expanding the labor market abroad Especially in countries where there is a need to hire workers in positions where there is a shortage. or countries that have a tendency to hire more foreign workers

Mr. Karom said that in fiscal year 2024, the Department of Employment The Ministry of Labor has set a goal to send the most Thai workers to work in Asia, totaling 72,000 people, followed by Europe, 14,000 people, the Middle East, 10,500 people, North America, 1,800 people, Africa, 1,100 people, South America, Australia, and Oceania, 600 people, while the target Number one in sending Thai workers to work is still the labor market in Taiwan, numbering 20,300 people, followed by Israel, numbering 7,700 people, Republic of Korea, numbering 7,500 people, Japan and Sweden aiming to send the same number of people, numbering 6,000 people, and Malaysia, number. 4,000 people

“The government places importance on the labor sector, which is another important cog in driving the country’s economy. By Thai workers who go to work abroad, in addition to sending income back to the country. We also bring knowledge and technology gained from working abroad back to develop the country in another way,” Mr. Karom emphasized.

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