“The Vulture and the Girl”



“The Starving Child Photo” (Image 2), also known as “The Vulture and the Girl,” is a famous photograph by Kevin Carter (Image 3) that first appeared in The New York Times on March 26. 1993 This is a picture of a child dying of hunger. Beside him, a vulture descends to await his death. The little boy had been trying to get to a UN nutrition center about half a mile from Ayoda, Sudan. The photo won the Pulitzer Prize for Documentary Photography in 1994. The photo shocked the public. When people found out that Kevin left the girl alone They were not satisfied. They cut off the phone number of The New York Times editor with the words, “How could he let a child die? Why don’t they give it to volunteers? Where is his humanity? Carter has also been the target of attacks from the media, which accused him of being cruel and ruthless. One newspaper wrote: “People who adjust their lenses to take good photos of children in distress are just another vulture.” As a result of persecution from all sides and other problems, Carter committed suicide. Died 4 months after receiving the bonus. If only the author of the picture had been a little more interested in the fate of his “models”. He wouldn’t kill himself… The vulture was actually more than 20 meters away, although in the picture it looked like it was about to start pecking at the child. According to Carter himself, he drove out the vultures. Journalists received strict instructions not to interfere with the fate of the local population. and were forbidden from touching natives due to the risk of spreading infectious diseases. child’s right hand side You will see the plastic bracelet given to every starving person at a UN feeding station, which means he receives a permanent stipend and is monitored by the mission. It turns out that the girl in this picture really is. Then it was a boy named Kong Yong, who took a short breath and continued his difficult journey. His parents at the time were busy loading and unloading a plane with humanitarian assistance. and left the tired child alone for a short time. He didn’t hesitate and decided to search for them himself. He eventually crawled and was cared for at a food aid station. Kong Yong, according to his family, died of malaria in 2008. In photo 1, his father holds the same photo with him. More historical photos https://historyfact.ru/

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