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Japan warns tourists Beware of unlicensed taxis

Japanese government warns tourists Be careful using unlicensed taxi services. After the demand for transportation services increased in Tokyo This is because the number of foreign tourists has increased.

Japanese Ministry of Transport officials Publish leaflets warning about using unlicensed taxis. in English and Chinese at Narita Airport in Tokyo Indicates that unlicensed taxis Illegal and unsafe Adding that Passengers who were injured in accidents while riding these taxis May not be covered by insurance companies. Licensed taxis will have a green license plate. Unlicensed taxis have white license plates.

Open AI brings CEO back to work After just disconnecting the lightning

Mr. Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI Company which developed ChatGPT Was pulled back to his original duties after being fired from his position by the board of directors in a lightning strike just one day. He traveled to talk to the company he founded himself. After all the investors of the company Push to reappoint Altman

In addition, a large group of employees of Open AI Including all executives also expressed support for Mr. Altman. Altman’s backers include Microsoft, Sequoia Capital, Tiger Global and Thrive Capital, while OpenAI COO Brad Lightcap It was stated that the announcement of the board came as a surprise to all parties.

Previously, OpenAI revealed that Mr. Altman will resign from the position of CEO After the Board of Directors found out that he was often not straightforward. or there is no clarity in communication

The board’s decision led to Greg Brockman, chairman and co-founder of OpenAI, announcing he would also be resigning from his position. and posted a message on the X platform saying that he was proud of what he and Altman had created together. Since starting in his apartment 8 years ago.

Optus CEO resigns After mobile phone-internet crashed for 14 hours

Kelly Beyer-Rosmarin has resigned as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Optus. Australia’s number 2 telecommunications giant, after two weeks ago there was a nationwide Optus system outage. It makes telephone and internet services available to nearly half the country’s people. Unavailable for 14 hours

Beyer Rosmarin said in a statement issued by SingTel. which is the parent company of Optus that it is the right time to step down from the position This comes after she testified before the Senate committee about the system crash at the end of last week. Optus confirmed the crash was the result of a configuration issue with more than 90 routers following a routine software upgrade. However, Optus said it had taken corrective action to prevent this. This issue It has happened again.

Trump vows to cancelIndo-Pacific economic framework If you win the election

Mr. Donald Trump is the favorite to be nominated by the Republican Party to run for president of the United States in next year’s election. Promises to scrap President Joe Biden’s Indo-Pacific Economic Partnership (IPEF) trade initiative if he wins next year’s election and becomes US president.

Trump says campaigning in Iowa Critics of the cooperation framework say it could harm U.S. manufacturing and jobs. Therefore, if he were to run the country Biden’s plans for “TPP Two” will be scrapped on day one.

IPEF is considered an alternative cooperation framework. To counter China’s trade influence in the Indo-Pacific region, however, trade negotiations under the IPEF framework face obstacles. Especially regarding labor standards and the environment.

Israel releases images of Thai hostagesNepal at the hospital

Israeli Army releases CCTV footage and still images It is said to be a picture of Hamas fighters taking hostages. One Nepalese and one Thai were taken to Al-Shifa Hospital on Oct. 7. Video shows one of the hostages being taken through the hospital’s front door. As for the other hostage, his hand was bandaged and was clearly bleeding. He lay on a bed and was wheeled into a room.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza stated that If these pictures and videos are real However, an Israeli military spokesman said one of the hostages was not injured. But the two were taken to the hospital first. Then he was moved to another place to hide. This could be a nearby apartment.

Hamas issued a statement on Saturday (Nov. 18) before the videos and still images were released. that several hostages had been taken to hospitals for treatment after being injured in an Israeli airstrike

An Israeli military spokesman said the governments of the countries involved had been notified. But Israeli soldiers have not found the hostages.

This was after the attack on Al-Shifa Hospital in the middle of last week. The Israeli army is under intense pressure. Prove the claim that Hamas uses the hospital for combat and command purposes. In addition to releasing the video of the two hostages, The Israeli military also released a video showing what it said was a network of tunnels beneath the hospital.

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