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Survey reveals 1 in 4 newly married couples in Japan find love through ‘dating apps’

Survey reveals 1 in 4 newly married couples in Japan find love through ‘dating apps’
Survey reveals 1 in 4 newly married couples in Japan find love through ‘dating apps’


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(Xinhua file photo: A group of newlywed couples attend a mass wedding ceremony in Nasu City. Tochigi Prefecture, Japan, July 31, 2011)

TOKYO, Nov. 20 (Xinhua) — Latest survey results from Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Co., Ltd., a major Japanese life insurance company. It was revealed that one in four couples who married in Japan last year met through a dating app. This is the same proportion as couples who meet in the workplace.

Results of the survey, released on Thursday (Nov. 16), said the online survey was conducted between Oct. 12-16 and included responses from married people aged 20-30. 79 years old, number of 1,620 people nationwide

When asked where they met their spouse Twenty-five percent of newlywed couples said they had used a dating app, and the same proportion said they had. “Colleagues, seniors, or juniors in the workplace,” while 13.5 percent answered through “recommendations from friends or acquaintances,” 9.4 percent answered through “classmates at school, seniors, or juniors,” and 100 Each 7.3 stated that they had gone through “a party or event organized to find a marriage partner.”

As for the reasons for using the app To find a marriage partner, several answers were given, including “Because it’s easy to meet people” (46.7 percent) and “Because I can’t meet a partner at work” (46.7 percent), followed by “Because I can choose my partner myself” (41.7 percent)

Analysis of the survey results indicates that marriages resulting from meeting in the workplace used to be more common. It may become a common thing again. Due to the decrease in remote work Increased office attendance following recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and increased workplace interactions such as social gatherings.

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