CGTN: People-to-people exchange: American high school students send special gifts to President Xi Jinping and his wife

CGTN: People-to-people exchange: American high school students send special gifts to President Xi Jinping and his wife
CGTN: People-to-people exchange: American high school students send special gifts to President Xi Jinping and his wife

A group of high school students from Tacoma, Washington, sent special gifts to Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife, Madam Peng Liyuan. During President Xi’s visit to the United States to attend the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Economic Leaders’ Meeting.

Students from the Lincoln High School choir prepared a painting for the Chinese president and his wife on Thursday. The painting featured Chinese elements such as a giant panda, bamboo. straw (traditional Chinese archway) and elements that symbolize the state of Washington, such as prairie dogs and the Space Needle observatory

The youths also prepared birthday cards for Madam Peng. On the occasion of his wife’s upcoming birthday. And they also sang Happy Birthday.

Groups of students gave gifts through activities. “Enduring Friendship” organized by China Media Group (CMG) and the US-China Youth and Student Exchange Association (US-China Youth and Student Exchange Association). Mr. Shen Haixiong received the gift on behalf of the President of China.

President Xi and his wife visited the school in 2015, where he told students at the time that He hopes that young people from the two countries will be able to communicate better with each other and serve as a bridge between the two countries.

Adhere to the original demands

Eight years later, China’s President Xi remains committed to his original demands. During his meeting with US President Joe Biden in San Francisco on Wednesday (Nov. 15), Xi called for increased people-to-people exchanges from the two countries.

President Xi calls on both sides to develop cooperation in tourism. Expand local exchanges between the two nations. Strengthen cooperation in education and promote and support greater interaction and communication between the people of the two countries.

Xi said at a welcome dinner on Wednesday that China is ready to invite 50,000 American youths to join China’s exchange and education programs in the next five years to increase people-to-people interaction. both countries Especially between young people

Ms. Sarah Lande, former executive director of Iowa Sister States, is a long-time friend of China. Including Mr. John Easterbrook (John Easterbrook), grandson of General Joseph Stilwell (Joseph Stilwell), and Ms. Elyn MacInnis (Elyn MacInnis), the association’s chief researcher. Kuliang Tourism and Culture Association also gave a speech at the event. They praised President Xi’s support for China-US people-to-people exchanges. Ready to show commitment to strengthen mutual understanding. and pass on the friendship between China and the United States to future generations.

One student at the event said: He is looking forward to new opportunities to communicate with students from China. and work together towards a better future

Stephen Orlins, Chairman of the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations, said: “People-to-people exchanges create an environment that makes life better for both Americans and Chinese people. What we want is for more Americans to visit China.”

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