Laos destroys 93 tons of methamphetamine precursors. Luang Namtha police catch them before crossing the Mekong into “Shan State”.


MGR Online – Lao officials destroy sodium cyanide and hydrochloric acid. Precursors for producing methamphetamine, total weight 93 tons, that were seized by Luang Namtha police at the end of last year. while preparing to be sent across the Mekong River into Shan State

Last November 17, 2023, the Committee inspected and followed up on chemical destruction. Went to the area to inspect the process of destroying precursors for drug production, total weight 93 tons, which was captured by peacekeeping officers (police) in Luang Namtha Subdistrict. They were arrested and seized almost a year ago.

Col. Wongphet Saenwongsa, Deputy Head of the Narcotics Inspection and Control Office, Police Headquarters, reported that on December 14, 2022, the Peacekeeping Bureau Luang Namtha Province They detected a truck with registration number Nawa 7778, Kamphaeng Nakhon, carrying 600 tanks of sodium cyanide with a total weight of 30 tons. Later on January 12, 2023, officials were still able to seize the truck. Registration number B.O.2615 Bo Kaeo, carrying 27 tanks of hydrochloric acid or hydrochloric acid, total weight 32 tons, and a truck with registration number B.O. 2986 Bo Kaeo was seized, carrying 26 tanks of hydrochloric acid, total weight 31 tons and another 10 kilograms. Another 2 cars were recovered, so the drivers of the 3 cars were detained for prosecution.

From the investigation of the Peacekeeping Bureau Luang Namtha Province found that all seized precursors belonged to the Lao Chemicals Import-Export Co., Ltd., which has legal permission to import chemicals. to sell to companies that invest in mining in Lao PDR, but later, Lao Chemical Company Sold sodium cyanide to Mr. Xiang Jun. to be sent across the Mekong River into Shan State and resell hydrochloric acid to other persons without permission and there is no document certifying the movement of chemicals from the relevant agency. which is an offense under criminal law

Both sodium cyanide and hydrochloric acid All are precursors for the production of drugs. Statistics show that 1 kilogram of sodium cyanide can be used to produce up to 22,000 amphetamine tablets, while 30 tons of hydrochloric acid can be used to produce up to 3,960 million amphetamine tablets or 79 tons of ice.

Committee for Inspection and Monitoring of Chemical Destruction Consisting of representatives from 10 agencies, including the Narcotics Inspection and Control Office, the Interdiction and Counter Narcotics Police Department. Police Headquarters Peacekeeping Command, Department of Industry and Handicrafts Ministry of Industry and Trade, Department of Food and Drugs Ministry of Public Health, Mineral Well Control Department Ministry of Energy and Minerals, Department of Taxation, Ministry of Finance, Department of Environment Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, EMAC Residue Disposal Station, Faculty of Environment National University of Laos and Savan EMC Company



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