CPF joins hands with SeaBOS to continue its mission to develop a seafood production chain that is responsible to the world – Siam Rath


Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited or CPF is a member of SeaBOS, a collaborative network of global seafood industry leaders. Share knowledge and experience in the responsible and appropriate use of antimicrobials. To jointly develop safe seafood products Residue-free At the 2023 SeaBOS Annual Conference, which this year was held in Busan. South Korea

Dr. Suchin Thammasat, Chief Operating Officer Aquatic Animal Business: CPF, as a non-governmental organization that co-founded SeaBOS, said that CPF plays a role as a supporter of the SeaBOS Network Working Group on Responsible Antimicrobial Use by transferring good practices in shrimp farming Use antimicrobials sensibly and responsibly. To promote and support organizations in the seafood industry within the SeaBOS network to raise seafood safety standards. and create sustainability for society and the environment Responding to the needs of consumers around the world According to CPF’s vision, to be a sustainable “Kitchen of the World”

CPF has introduced various technologies. applied throughout the production process, such as developing shrimp strains that grow quickly, are strong, and have high disease resistance Promote raising in closed greenhouses with high biological safety. Using probiotics in food builds immunity to make shrimp healthy, strong, and not easily sick. Increasing water use efficiency. Using technology in water management, such as using microorganisms to treat water in ponds (Biofloc), as well as sharing knowledge with farmers, etc.

“The SeaBOS network is committed to reducing the use of antibiotics in the aquaculture industry. To join in preventing the emergence of drug-resistant germs according to World Health Organization (WHO) standards as a guideline to drive food security. There is a sustainable production system. Maintain the balance of the ecosystem and join in protecting the natural food resource base for future generations,” said Dr. Suchin.

In addition, CPF also emphasizes the importance of working with a network of partners to upgrade Thailand’s seafood supply chain according to international principles under the Working Group for the Development of the Thai Fish and Fishery Production System (TSFR) in order to Promote the sustainability of fishing resources in the Gulf of Thailand Develop standards for certification of aquatic animal feed ingredients from areas with a variety of aquatic animal species. and develop the production process of aquatic animal feed raw materials according to international standards. Can be traced throughout the supply chain To increase the competitiveness of the Thai shrimp industry

At the SeaBOS conference in Busan, SeaBOS approved the implementation of the Keystone Project to enable member companies to work together to accelerate sustainability in the ocean and aquaculture industry. CPF and the SeaBOS network have carried out a pilot project to detect drug resistance genes in seafood (AMR Gene Testing) in order to use the results of the study to develop guidelines for monitoring and reducing the use of antibiotics in aquaculture. In addition, SeaBOS has launched the inaugural Impact Report, summarizing progress towards sustainability (Impact Report), announcing progress on key issues. Including prevention of illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing (IUU Fishing) and impacts on the ecosystem. antibiotic resistance Climate change and plastics, among other issues The report demonstrates significant progress in addressing these barriers. by all 9 companies in the SeaBOS network. The full report can be accessed via the website. https://seabos.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/SeaBOS_impact_report_2023.pdf

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