I believe you like it! A young woman is a hot pot fan who has been eating together for 9 years and has spent 1.3 million!


I believe you like it! A Chinese woman is a fan of hot pot at a famous restaurant. She has been eating it continuously for 9 years, eating it every week. Already spent millions He said that he wanted it to be viewed as a hobby.

Many people must have a favorite menu in mind. And believe that you can eat this menu over and over without getting bored. So is this Chinese girl. She went viral after revealing that I am a big fan of “Haidilao”, a famous hot pot restaurant. She likes to eat to the point where she spent millions on food!

On November 17th, Miss Kong from Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, China shocked many netizens. When she showed off the total amount of money she spent eating Hai Di Lao Hot Pot

She has been a member of Hai Di Lao Hot Pot Restaurant since 9 years ago. She stops by to eat almost every week. which since that day She has eaten hot pot 627 times, with a total value of 269,120 yuan or approximately 1.3 million baht (average 5 times per month //2,000 baht per meal)

She also said that The highest is 12 attempts in one week. Currently, she is still not bored with the taste. and will continue to eat hot pot at the same restaurant

“Nearly 270,000 yuan is the cost of my hot pot alone. Because I really like to eat. When there is a party or any occasion, we usually invite others to go to Hai Di Lao. I was very satisfied when I saw that the amount had increased. This is just my expensive hobby.”

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