Sam Cox shows off his imaginative Mr. Doodle style in Hong Kong.


Sam Cox (Sam Cox), or as many people know him as Mr. Doodle, a famous British artist. The owner of the outstanding line drawing work that looks fun The most recent work was shown on November 19th in the central transportation area of ​​the subway station in Hong Kong.

Sam Cox, 29, calls his tangled lines “graffiti spaghetti,” which are painted in unusual, unique shapes. He likes to create in front of an interested audience. Just like Hong Kong’s subway station. with many interested people standing and watching While creating lines on a 2 meter wide area, string up lines according to your imagination. until it came out in the shape of a spaceship And of course he’s wearing doodles.

This type of line is a drawing that children know because of the beginning of children’s drawing. They’ll start by drawing lines like this, so when kids stand and watch Sam Cox draw, they’ll understand what he’s trying to communicate. And during this drawing show at the subway station When 10 children participated in drawing There are also lines drawn in various shapes such as mountains and stars that are with this spaceship.

Sam Cox also has a painting of Jellyboggle, a round-eyed alien, at Pearl Lam gallery in Hong Kong.

Last year, Sam Cox created the most sensational work. That is, drawing doodles on your entire home, both inside and outside the house, including various appliances. In the house magnificently

Reference information: Hong Kong Free Press, Straitstimes

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