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Taiwanese girl falls 10 meters, “dies tragically” while paragliding – reveals her seat belt slipped (clip)


Taiwanese girl dives 10 meters – Straits Times reports on the tragic loss in Taiwan After a young woman fell while playing on a playground equipment “Paragliding” or “Paragliding” from a height of more than 10 meters and fell tragically to the ground below.

Taiwan News, local media, reported that on Nov. 18, a 27-year-old woman surnamed Xiao traveled from her hometown in Chiayi County to visit Hualien City, nicknamed “Switzerland of Taiwan.” ” A popular place for Taiwanese and foreign tourists.

Ms. Xiao signed up to play paragliding alongside an instructor surnamed Ye. Ms. Xiao has paragliding here before and is very familiar with it. This time, I invited my boyfriend and close friends to try paragliding together.

But after just one minute of paragliding, Ms. Xiao’s seat belt buckle malfunctioned and fell apart. This caused the young woman to fall from a height of approximately 10 meters and hit the ground and died instantly.

While paragliding in Taiwan, a woman fell from a height of about 10m to her death, reportedly due to an equipment malfunction. According to local media, the 27-year-old woman, surnamed Hsiao, had traveled to Hualien county on the morning of Nov 18 from her home county of Chiayi. /cna/

The local government of Hualien City announced that they had set up a committee to investigate the incident. Mr. Ye was questioned by prosecutors and released on bail on Nov. 19, while a paragliding service company told PTS Taiwan News that Mr. Ye noticed that his belt buckle Miss Chiao’s belt came loose during the flight and attempted an emergency landing. But unfortunately Miss Chiao fell first.

Ye has a paragliding license and has more than 30 years of experience. As for the company, local officials inspected it and found that it did not have a business license. Therefore ordered to stop providing services.

Hualien, Taiwan’s biggest county, is home to several scenic attractions and is a popular travel destination for both locals and foreign tourists alike. /cna/

Ms Hsiao had registered for a tandem flight with an instructor surnamed Yeh, reported Taiwan News. In tandem paragliding, a passenger flies together with a pilot. Ms Hsiao had reportedly paraglided before and had visited the same location previously. /cna/

Taiwanese woman falls 10 meters,

About a minute into the flight, the safety buckle on Ms Hsiao’s harness failed and it disconnected, causing her to fall out of her harness from a height of about 10m. She landed near the 37km marker of the coastal Provincial Highway 11, where she died immediately on impact. /cna/

Taiwan girl plummets 10 meters – The Hualien county government has formed a team to investigate the incident. Mr Yeh was questioned by prosecutors and released on bail on Nov 19. /cna/

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