Hola Universo! Giving away 10 Spanish courses to study for free. Don’t get lost, don’t get lost, don’t die Latin~


Hola Universo! Who is still stuck in the universe? MissUniverse2023 and want to upgrade skills “Spanish” What should we carry to communicate like Miss Latin America? Let me tell you that it is another very interesting language in this era because it is important in the global context. Used in the United Nations and is used as the official language of 21 countries around the world. Currently, there are more than 500 million people using it to communicate // In America, in addition to using English, I have to give it to the Spanish language!

today One Next Class Life is addicted to learning. So I would like to give away 10 online courses for free. Selected from basic to intermediate level for beginners to upgrade their skills in a fun way. Plus most of themHave a certificatePlease give it to me. It will help build on the future with success. It won’t sink, it won’t disappear, it won’t die Latino for sure~

1. Introduction to Spanish

  • Lessons for beginners who want to start learning Spanish because they will learn an overview of the language and practice communication from simple sentences such as counting numbers, greeting-introducing oneself, telling the date-time, etc.
  • Class duration 1.5 – 3 hours with certificate
  • Take classes at https://shorturl.at/gEG47

2. Complete Spanish for Beginners

  • Still with basic level lessons That will focus on grammar, vocabulary, including sentence construction and conversation practice from topics close to you.
  • Class duration 4 – 5 hours with certificate
  • Take classes at https://alison.com/course/complete-spanish-for-beginners

3. Spanish Made Easy

  • Focuses on laying the foundations of simple vocabulary & grammar for practicing conversation in various situations. Both daily life and travel
  • Class duration 3 – 4 hours with certificate
  • Take classes at https://alison.com/course/spanish-made-easy

4. JaverianaX: Spanish for beginners: Learn in Paradise

  • Anyone preparing to travel to the Latin region must save this course! In addition to this lesson, it will help improve your Spanish skills. It also takes you to open up the country and get to know the tourist attractions and culture in ‘Colombia’, a country in South America that uses Spanish to communicate.
  • Class duration 5 – 6 hours *If you want a certificate , there will be an additional fee.
  • Take classes at https://shorturl.at/dqDPR

5. Spanish: Useful Everyday Phrases

  • This course is suitable for everyday communication. You will learn everything from vocabulary, verbs, including many interesting sentences and phrases.
  • Class duration 3 – 4 hours with certificate
  • Take classes at https://alison.com/course/spanish-useful-everyday-phrases

6. Spanish with Soranita

  • YouTube channel that includes basic Spanish knowledge taught by Thai people. Let me tell you that this channel explains it in great detail. Each clip has an example of how to use it to help give a better picture.
  • Each clip is approximately 1 hour no certificate
  • Take classes at https://www.youtube.com/@spanishwithsoranita2805/videos

7. Learn Spanish: Holidays and Continuing Actions in the Past

  • Learn vocabulary and conversation about various situations. during holidays, native cultures, celebrations, and practicing grammatical explanations of past events
  • Class duration 1.5 – 3 hours with certificate
  • Take classes at https://alison.com/course/learn-spanish-holidays-and-continuing-actions-in-the-past

8. Intermediate Spanish: Understanding spoken Spanish

  • Lessons focus on upgrading your listening skills & speaking Spanish naturally. along with other trivia topics That will help you communicate with native speakers more easily and smoothly.
  • Class duration 1.5 – 3 hours *If you want a certificate , there will be an additional fee.
  • Take classes at https://shorturl.at/kvEQT

9. Learn Spanish: Small Talk and Tag Questions

  • Intermediate level Spanish content course (B1) that will focus on practicing conversations, asking and answering questions, and learning frequently used vocabulary. in daily life
  • Class duration 6 hours with certificate
  • Take classes at https://alison.com/course/learn-spanish-small-talk-and-tag-questions

10. Complete Spanish Course Level B1

  • Ending with a YouTube channel that will share knowledge & tips for learning Spanish at the intermediate level (B1), complete with listening-speaking-reading-writing.
  • Each clip is approximately 30 minutes – 1 hour. No certificate.
  • Take classes at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYitpHBq-8SVEiTgkPiVPi9OMQGM01X6M

The article is in Thai

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