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Get to know “Nicaragua,” a surfer’s paradise. World famous coffee: PPTVHD36


“Sheynnis Palacios” from “Nicaragua” wins Miss Universe 2023.

Revealing the history of Cheynis Palacios, the first Nicaraguan to win the Miss Universe crown.

The results have been announced for the Miss Universe 2023 contest, with the latest holder of the crown of the universe being the 74th person in the world. “Sheynnis Palacios” From Nicaragua (Nicaragua)

Today PPTVHD36 would like to take you back to see the origins of the first woman who made Nicaragua crowned. What is interesting about this country? And some beauty!

Nicaragua or Republic of Nicaragua It is the country with the largest area in Central America. (with an area larger than New York State United States slightly) but has the lowest population density.

Its northern border extends to Honduras. South to Costa Rica The west coast reaches the Pacific Ocean. The east coast extends to the Caribbean Sea.

The name of the country comes from the combination of the words “Nicarao” (Nicarao) which is the name of the most populous indigenous tribe combined with the word “Agua” (Agua) which is a Spanish word that means “water”

The Spanish language is involved as well. Because Nicaragua was under Spanish rule.

History of Nicaragua

Nicaragua’s earliest settlers There is information that it may have been related to the Maya and Aztec people in Mexico. One of the largest groups of people in the early period was “Nicarao people”

Later in the 16th century, Spain came to rule Nicaragua and several countries in Central America until the 19th century.

Nicaragua gained independence from Spain in 1821 and became part of the Mexican Empire for many years. It then joined the group of countries closest to the central government in Guatemala City called the Provinces of Central America. Nicaragua separated from the group in 1838 and became completely independent.

However, over the past several decades Nicaraguans have endured civil unrest. dictatorship and two civil wars

Government and Economy of Nicaragua

“Daniel Ortega” (Daniel Ortega), leftist leader of the Sandinistas Re-elected in 2006 as President of Nicaragua. By leading Nicaragua through revolution and civil war. before being voted out of office in 1990, and in 2016 he returned to the position again. It was his third victory.

However, under his rule Bring the country back to dictatorial ways. Including severe suppression again to protests against pension reform in 2018

Nicaragua is the poorest country in Central America. and there is a lack of jobs and widespread poverty. The country’s main economy The main agricultural crops include bananas, sugarcane, cotton, rice, corn, sesame, and coffee. which coffee is considered a masterpiece product of the country Because the terrain has active volcanoes. The soil in that area is highly fertile. As a result, their coffee often receives high scores and honors in international coffee competitions.

People and culture of Nicaragua

Locals call themselves “Nicas,” but most outsiders do. “Nicaraguans” for people in the country are mixed race. or a combination of natives and Spaniards

Nature “Nicaragua”

Nicaragua is known as the Land of lakes and volcanoes.” Because there are many volcanoes and lakes. It is reputed to have the largest lake in Central America.

The indigenous people there call the lake Kosibolka, which means “sweet sea.” It has hundreds of islands and is the only freshwater lake inhabited by sharks.

Lake Managua It is the only freshwater lake where sharks live. The bull shark entered the lagoon by swimming up the Rio San Juan River from the Atlantic Ocean. However, even sharks can adapt to fresh water. But nowadays it’s hard to find.

Not only does Nicaragua have sharks. Exotic animals have also been spotted, including toucans, pythons, wild boars, jaguars and sloths, dugongs and sea turtles swimming in the Cayos Miskitos Biological Reserve, a coral reef off a remote island off the Caribbean coast.

with abundance Nicaragua has more than 70 protected areas in the country, which help preserve habitat for many endangered species. The Bosavas Biosphere Reserve has a cloud forest that protects 12 species of venomous snakes, but the biggest threat to the environment in Nicaragua is deforestation. soil erosion and water pollution

The best surfing destinations in the world

There are few places in the world where surfing conditions are so good year-round. And Nicaragua is one of the exceptions! This is because Lake Managua has strong and consistent offshore winds. This makes the Pacific coast a great place to surf all day long.

Moreover, there is still warm water here all year round. It is also not well known by many tourists. So, wouldn’t it be great if we could surf on soft waves and not have to pay attention to the people around us like in Hawaii?

Also, Nicaraguans are very friendly and welcoming. If you try talking to him in Spanish You may also gain lifelong friendships.

Thanks for information from: VisitNicaragua, Nationsonline, Nationalgeographic and Surf Expendition.

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