Old photos tell the legend: the warrior’s way of life…in the tunnel


Old pictures tell the legend: the warrior’s way of life…in the tunnel

I want to live, fight, wage war in the underground tunnels.

The world has seen images of underground tunnels in the Gaza Strip. that the Israeli army has revealed… you will be amazed in excellent diligence The Palestinians are patient, digging through and penetrating all over the land. Total length is more than 500 kilometers.

Deep underground, sometimes 30 meters, sometimes 80 meters.

1937, when mainland Chinese, who were very poor and had no weapons, had to fight against the invading Japanese army. Was made into a movie for the eyes of the world. It is clearly evident that When fighting on the ground, they are unable to fight, having to use underground tunnels to hide. Hundreds of thousands of Chinese people survived.

The Vietnam War in which North Vietnamese villagers (Viet Cong) had to fight against the American superpower. The story of the underground tunnel was revealed to the world who saw the lives of the fighters who used the tunnel both offensively and defensively, fighting with the sacrifice of their lives. Everyone praised him for his genius and industriousness, how he dug in.

Enduring underground life of Viet Cong soldiers It is a huge obstacle. It has destroyed the lives of American soldiers enormously.

World War 1 is known as “Fort War” for both the Allies and the Germans They dug above ground and underground to attack each other. By mobilizing workers-diggers from the mines

The Battle of Messines in June 1917 saw secret tunnels being dug. Passed under the ground where German soldiers had settled. The Confederates used approximately 1 million pounds of high-explosive cluster munitions, detonating them simultaneously. Killed thousands of German soldiers in a single blow… The tunnel collapsed and fell on top of it. German soldiers were demoralized before they even entered the war.

World War 2 America fought against the Japanese army on land, at sea, under the sea and in the air.

Japan seized many large islands in the Pacific Ocean. Hide yourself by digging tunnels. The soldiers, descendants of samurai, knew they would face attack from the US Marines. Must do whatever it takes to escape scrutiny.

US military intelligence often miscalculated the number of Japanese troops. Japanese soldiers hiding Hide enormous weapons in the tunnels.

In February 1945, US Marines attacked the island of Iwojima. American moviegoers encountered heavy resistance. Brave and bloody battle I couldn’t imagine that there were so many Japanese soldiers. Because the Japanese had built a large network of tunnels throughout the island.

The Japanese were heavily manned and armed. 6,821 American soldiers were killed and 19,217 wounded. The three-day operation expanded to five days and eventually became the bloodiest battle in the history of the United States Marine Corps.

that the world praises “Giving your thumb” to the most amazing thing is the tunnel network of the “Viet Cong” in the Vietnam War. fighting with the US army

Viet Cong tunnel Hidden underground in many areas.

Spider web tunnel network gave the Viet Cong space Providing food, sleeping, medical care, and cooking without smoke rising up.

US and allied soldiers (including Thai soldiers) who went to help the United States in the war in the mountain forests There was hardly any chance of knowing that. Deep beneath his shoes were many enemies, eating, living, and sleeping.

Ideology of patriotism Love the homeland of the Vietnamese people plus intelligence It is the power of body and mind. Use only a shovel for drilling. America estimates that the tunnel network was built over the course of 20 years.

The Viet Cong’s underground entrance had a small, well-camouflaged “entrance.” Generally has a simple structure. Used as a refuge and a fighting position. When attacking and ambushing American soldiers. Can hide and disappear from the area like a ghost…

Some tunnel networks stretch for thousands of feet, with multiple floors and rooms below ground like condominiums. These little forest soldiers can live their lives without interference.

When the US military learned that He was at war with Viet Cong soldiers who were hiding underground. He began writing textbooks and instructions, teaching and training before entering the battlefield.

Some of the intricately dug underground tunnels were able to protect against 750-pound bombs dropped from airplanes. It fell easily 50 yards from the tunnel entrance.

The US military uses tear gas, dogs, chemical bombs and bombs to destroy underground human networks.

Tunnels in the Vietnam War had no electrical lighting. Cleverly hiding the ventilation system to reduce detection, the Viet Cong often set up “mines” in the doorways or planted explosive devices in nearby trees. To kill soldiers trying to enter the tunnel system.

2002 War in Afghanistan… American soldiers attack al-Qaeda stronghold, hunting down Osama bin Laden, discovering a large tunnel complex. It is connected to the formation of Tora Bora Caves in Afghanistan.

Inside the tunnel is a hospital room. weapons storage room Sophisticated electronic communication equipment and a climate control system that can filter out chemical contaminants.

Let’s take a look at the tunnels in the Israel-Hamas war.

Recurrent fighting between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Hamas has never stopped digging tunnels to survive. and wait for operating time

Hamas, which was founded in 1987 and includes Palestinians, often uses tunnels as a means of smuggling goods. It has always been an effective infiltration-exit method. Israel has largely accepted the existence of the tunnels as a way of life. Some Palestinians live in tunnels.

After Hamas elected Takes power as the official government in Gaza Israel has enacted a “blockade” of the Gaza Strip, which covers an area of ​​about 360 sq km, halting the sale of construction materials that could support the tunnel’s construction. especially imported concrete is strictly controlled

(Hamas tunnels exposed during the war It was meticulously built. Use concrete walls There is electrical wiring from solar energy. There is a ventilation system. comfortable place to live)

Israel strictly inspects all types of construction materials. But Hamas has been doing everything in the tunnels for a long time, patiently maintaining the secrecy at its best. Including the use of tunnels to hide tens of thousands of “rockets” used to attack Israel.

Goods, food and supplies are smuggled through underground tunnels across the border into Egypt.

The roughly 2 million Palestinians living crammed together in the Gaza Strip are not “united” by conflicting interests. Wealthy leader level Live a luxurious life Warriors have to live underground.

2011 saw the seizure of power by Mohamed Morsi. General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi was the loser. Ordered the military engineers to pump “waste water” into the tunnel to fight among themselves.

October 7, 2023 Thousands of Hamas forces in hiding, hiding their poisonous fangs. in the tunnel It launched an attack on Israel with rockets emerging from underground tunnels. In the first three hours, Hamas fired some 4,000 rockets into Israeli territory. Hamas forces emerged from tunnels. Invading the land of Israel to kill all life in Israel. (including Thai workers)

There was no choice…Israel announced it would invade the Gaza Strip. Ground forces blockade the northern Gaza region. Announcement for people to evacuate to the south Bombarded with heavy weapons until the city was completely destroyed.

Ground forces, infantry, cavalry, troops march into Gaza in the north. to deal with Hamas forces Search for traces of hostages Most importantly, go find the tunnels that are Hamas’ “nests.”

The Israeli army must fight “plus” understanding of world society. Tunnel pictures must be released. It was much larger, deeper, and longer than expected. This is evident in the stable structure. All tunnels can withstand air attacks.

The besieged Al-Shifa Hospital. Israeli soldiers searched the basement and found traces of Hamas. The world has seen “Network of Tunnels” that is astounding in the effort and patience it takes to dig

It’s not that…the tunnels are easily abandoned.

Israeli soldiers also have to be careful of “landmines” that are ready to kill intruders.

This war It must be acknowledged that “Hamas” is advanced, using every technology system that it has developed. Modified in tunnels for a long time, Hamas suffered heavy losses, with millions of Palestinians forced to flee the war. Became homeless. An Israeli soldier (IDF) died and a number were injured. The mission in the invaded territory is to sweep and identify on the ground and in the underground tunnels.

The world is watching, waiting, where Hamas has hidden over 200 hostages, in which tunnels…including a number of Thais.

Seven weeks later, Hamas still has the capability to launch another rocket attack against Israel. But it was blocked by the Iron Dome. Israel will remain blockaded. Continue to attempt to break down the existing tunnel.

In the wars that have taken place thousands of years ago until now, tunnels have played an important role, both secretly and openly.

Tunnels can create a “nightmare” for attackers. The process of clearing and destroying the tunnel network is expensive, time-consuming, and more likely to kill soldiers than fighting on the ground.

underground tunnel It is a very effective approach. in military operations

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