The Ministry of Labor aims to send 100,000 Thai workers to work abroad, pointing out that Taiwan-Israel-Korea are the top 3 who send the most.


On November 20 Mr. Pairot Chotikasathien Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Labor revealed that Mr. Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn Minister of Labor An important policy has been given to the Ministry of Labor to promote and expand the Thai labor market abroad, amounting to 100,000 positions within fiscal year 2024, with a list of target countries for sending 100,000 Thai workers to work in fiscal year 2024. It was found that the most people were sent to work in Asia, totaling 72,000 people. Number 1 was Taiwan, the target was 20,300 people, while Israel was still the target country for sending Thai workers to work. In second place, the target is 7,700 people, followed by the Republic of Korea, the target is 7,500 people.

Mr. Pairoj continued that He has assigned the Department of Employment to prepare a plan for sending Thai workers to work abroad. It’s already been set up. Emphasis is placed on promoting and maintaining employment in the existing labor market. along with expanding the labor market abroad Especially in countries where there is a need to hire workers in positions where there is a shortage. Or countries that tend to hire more foreign workers, in the fiscal year 2024, the goal is to send the most people to work in Asia, totaling 72,000 people, followed by Europe, 14,000 people, the Middle East, 10,500 people, and North America, the number 1,800 people, Africa 1,100 people and South America Australia and Oceania, 600 people

Meanwhile, the number one target for delivery remains the labor market in Taiwan with 20,300 people, followed by Israel with 7,700 people, the Republic of Korea with 7,500 people, Japan and Sweden with the same number of delivery targets at 6,000 people and Malaysia with 4,000 people. Which if looking at the estimated numbers It is expected that Thai workers can be sent to work abroad. Both in the existing labor market and the new labor market, the total number is definitely 100,000 positions.

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