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China, Japan, and South Korea have created car brands that can be exported within a generation.

China, Japan, and South Korea have created car brands that can be exported within a generation.
China, Japan, and South Korea have created car brands that can be exported within a generation.

China, Japan, South Korea create car brands until they can be exported in one generation / by Longtunman

– South Korea began producing automobiles in 1955. Just 20 years later, it was able to export cars abroad for the first time.

– Japan began exporting cars abroad in the 1950s and took only 30 years to overtake the United States. that has dominated the market for a long time

– China began developing its own automobiles in the 1990s. After only 20 years, they were able to successfully surpass Japan’s automobile exports.

Did you know that it was only a few decades? or not more than one generation
Since the beginning of automobile production These three countries Can export own car brand got it for the first time

So how did this story begin?
Longtunman will tell you about it.
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Let’s start with “South Korea”.

South Korea began producing its own automobiles in 1955 by Choi Mu-seong, a South Korean businessman. With a simple modification to a US Jeep

Later in 1962, the South Korean government issued a policy to block foreign automobile manufacturers. and chose to protect its own country’s car companies instead

This has led to the emergence of many South Korean car companies.
For example:

– Kia Industry forms joint venture with Mazda to assemble cars.
– Hyundai learns car production techniques together with Ford Motor

by South Korean company Have accumulated knowledge and continue to learn techniques for producing and assembling automobiles to ensure quality

It wasn’t until 1975 that a South Korean company was able to export cars for the first time, with Hyundai producing its own car called the “Pony” to South America.

And later in 1984, it was able to be exported to the United States. Got it for the first time as well.

This success has also made Daewoo a textile production and export business. Turned to buying a car business from South Korea, Saehan, to export to the United States.

Followed by Kia, which can export cars to the United States. This was achieved in 1992 through a joint venture with Ford Motor instead of Mazda from Japan.

But then the Asian crisis of 1997 happened, many South Korean car companies went bankrupt, and Hyundai became the majority shareholder of Kia from then on.

Meanwhile, Samsung uses this timing. Entering the automobile manufacturing business and is now turning to producing electric vehicle batteries as well

Next is “Japan”

Japanese automobiles were first produced domestically in 1917, but were unable to compete with American brands such as Ford and General Motors.

Until World War II, the Japanese military had to rely on Japanese automobile manufacturers such as Toyota, Nissan, and Isuzu to produce vehicles for the army.

which due to the limitations of Japan’s few resources and even more banned from many countries during that time
It makes Japanese car manufacturers Start learning about producing fuel-efficient cars. and has the lowest cost

After the end of World War Japan is therefore able to produce cars like this well. Protect foreign cars from competing in the country.

And cars were able to be exported abroad for the first time in the 1950s.

When the oil crisis occurred in 1973, Japanese cars
that are exported to the United States It was also very popular.
Because it has the advantage of saving fuel and being cheap.

and finally able to hit the car market all over the world
Led by Toyota, which has a brand like Lexus that has completely changed the image of Japanese cars.

Until Japan was able to produce and export cars.
Overtaking the United States who has been the leader in the car market for a long time
obtained in the 1980s, or approximately 30 years after
Japan began exporting cars abroad for the first time.

However, Japan’s high exports led the United States to force Japan to accept the Plaza Accord in order to strengthen the yen. and the US dollar weakens

When this happens, Japanese cars adjust again.
To be able to compete in the world market By moving production bases to countries with cheap labor such as Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia.

Making Thailand become an important producer and assembler of automobile parts in ASEAN. Until today

And finally, “China”

In the early days of the Chinese automobile industry Started in the 1950s

with support from the government including production technology from the Soviet Union But it has also closed cars from the West from entering the country.

This resulted in the creation of four major Chinese automobile companies: SAIC Motor, Dongfeng, FAW and Changan, but they produced only a small amount. Because the production quality is not very high.

It wasn’t until the 1990s that the Chinese government opened the door to importing cars from the West for the first time. But it turns out that Western cars sell well. Because the quality is better than Chinese cars.

causing the Chinese government to fix the game By setting a 200% import tax wall, but it was not effective. Until having to fix the game again By giving Western car companies to set up a production factory in China

But there is a condition: having to form a joint venture with a Chinese automobile company..

This condition makes joint ventures between China and the West A lot has happened, for example:

– SAIC, FAW joint venture with Volkswagen Group
– Changan joint venture with Ford, Mazda

This made Chinese cars start to have better quality. From quality car production techniques from the West And other Chinese car companies followed, such as BYD that we know well today.

However, China knows that. own car industry There is no way to catch up with US, German car brands.
Japan or other nations in time

China has therefore decided to deflect the development of its own automobiles.
with support “Electric cars” whether they are
Subsidizing the price of electric trains in the country

Including the construction of charging stations. Support Chinese companies Own the source of battery raw materials to create an advantage for China’s automobile industry

make present China has become a leader in the electric vehicle industry. and able to export cars, surpassing Japan. Within only 20 years

Finally, if you were to summarize in a short sentence all three countries..

– South Korea, a struggling car developer.
– Japan, inventor of automobiles with limited raw materials
– China, the sleeping giant who learns quickly and has its own path

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