New evidence! Excavating images of pitha from the Christian period of Bangkok A famous page points out that he didn’t finish Mathayom 3 and then moved out.


The Facebook page “What are you lying about today?” reveals a picture of “Pitha Limjaroenrat” when he was in Mathayom 3 at Bangkok Christian School. The source stated that he did not graduate from Mathayom 3 and actually moved out to study in New Zealand. But saying that I went to school when I was 11-12 years old, is that a mistake or does it make me look pitiful?

Today (20 Nov.) the Facebook page “Today, what are you lying about?” posted a picture claiming to be Mr. Pitha. Limcharoenrat Former leader of the Forward Party In student uniforms at Bangkok Christian School along with questioning whether it was true that he had said on a television program that he went to study in New Zealand at the age of 11, stating, “#Everyone, photo of Khun Pitha, Mathayom 3, Bangkok Christian School.

The news source informed that Khun Pitha did not finish Mathayom 3 and moved out. The story of going to study in New Zealand is true. But why in the interview that I went to school when I was 11-12 years old, maybe it made me look pitiful or I misremembered, I don’t know.

As for the part that stands up 2 times, there are 2 possible meanings:

1. Standing up at the World Scout Event 1 time and at the football event 1 time in Mathayom 2

2. Attended the football event in Mathayom 2 both times, on the opening day and closing day.

I would like to ask for justice regarding Khun Pithara, who studied until Mathayom 3. It is very pitiful.”

Additional news reports stated that Previously, Mr. Pitha said in a television program. Referring to his visit to New Zealand, “When I went there for the first 3 months, I cried every night. I was still 11 years old.”


The article is in Thai

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