Taiwan’s presidential favorite chooses former ambassador to the United States as running mate – MCOT Thai News Agency


TAIPEI, Nov. 20 – Taiwan’s Vice President Lai Qingde, the presidential favorite in the January 13, 2024 election, has chosen Taiwan’s former ambassador to the United States as his running mate for vice president.

Mr. Lai, 64 years old, a representative from the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), announced that It has chosen Ms. Xiao Meiqi, 52, as the running mate for vice president. She has helped promote closer ties between Taiwan and the United States in recent years. He is confident that he and Ms. Xiao will be successful in gathering public consensus and joining forces in the final 50 days to win the election and for Taiwan to move forward steadily.

Ms. Xiao has served as Taiwan’s representative to the United States since 2020 until today, and will serve in the role until a new representative is appointed. She is widely known in both the United States and Taiwan. He is a well-connected and experienced diplomat. but was viewed by China as They are stubborn about independence. and has been boycotted by China twice before. – Thai News Agency

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