The court sentenced a Taiwanese teacher to 17 years in prison for forcing a male primary school student to have an affair until she became pregnant.


The court ordered 17 years in prison. – The Straits Times reports on developments in the notorious sexual harassment scandal. Taiwan A case of a female primary school teacher forcing a student to have sex so many times that she became pregnant. Recently, this teacher was sentenced to 17 and a half years in prison for having illegal sex with a minor.

The Taoyuan District Court ruled on November 9 that Ms. Xu, a young teacher, was found guilty of nine counts of sexual intercourse and sexual misconduct with a minor under 14 years of age for forcing the minor to have sex. 2 times in a period of approximately 4 months and took advantage of children who were not yet mature. At the same time, the local education committee also banned Ms. Sawi from being a teacher for life.

A Taiwanese primary school teacher who was found guilty of coercing one of her students into multiple acts of sexual intercourse, even bearing a child from one of their illicit encounters, has been sentenced to 17½ years in jail – A Taiwanese primary school teacher who was found guilty of coercing one of her students into multiple acts of sexual intercourse, even bearing a child from one of their illicit encounters In a ruling released by a district court in Taoyuan on Thursday last week, the woman, surnamed Xu, was found guilty of nine counts of sexual intercourse that involved obscene sexual acts with an individual aged below 14.

The report states that Ms Sawi was the teacher of the boy who was the victim while he was in Grade 5 and 6. The abusive relationship between the teacher and student began during the last year of primary school in February. 2020

According to the testimony of the boy, whose name was not revealed, Ms. Sawi sends a message via the application or informs teachers of other subjects. Ordered the boy to stay in the room after school. Then meet in the room. One in which a female teacher ordered a child to take off her clothes before having sex.

The boy told prosecutors he was initially resistant and had sex without protection in a locked room with posters covering the windows. Then, a week later, the couple had sex again using a similar tactic. The boy revealed that he felt strange. who do this to teachers But he felt good and wanted to have sex with the teacher again.

Prosecutors said the boy’s testimony was consistent with that of other witnesses. Including subject teachers who order students to stay in the room after class. and testimony of the location of sexual intercourse

Court orders 17 years in prison – Illustration – The local education board also dealt her a lifetime ban from teaching. Xu was the boy’s form teacher when he was in his fifth and sixth year of primary school. Their sexual relationship began in his final year, in February 2020. Prosecutors said the boy’s testimony matched with those of witnesses, including teachers whom Xu asked to make the victim stay back after class, as well as his descriptions of the places where the sexual acts took place.

This immoral matter came to light in September 2020. Because the boy’s father was not aware that his son had a close relationship with this teacher, he went to report the crime. At that time, the boy was in middle school. And later Ms. Sawi was suspended from work after the police received a report.

The defendant testified to prosecutors that he had sex with the student only once. Both students are taller and heavier. Forced him to have sex with him in May 2020.

Ms Sawi claims she was pushed to the ground and at one point lost consciousness. and don’t know what happened When he woke up, his lower body hurt and was bleeding, so he knew he had been sexually assaulted by a boy. Ready to confirm that they had sex only once. But she became pregnant and argued that the child made up stories about having sex on other occasions.

The Taoyuan District Prosecutor also said investigators determined there was a 99 percent chance the student was the father after testing the boy’s DNA with DNA samples from the baby’s feeding bottle and pacifier.

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