Young woman buys ‘Tesla’ car 4 months ago, only problems with the color change, fix it but no problem, it turns into a wreck.


This sad story comes from a website. mirrormedia There was a report of a Chinese woman who went “Tesla” (Tesla) Model Y has only been used for 4 months but has encountered all sorts of problems. From small things Like stepping on a nail Until something as big as a building collapsing

Looks like your destiny.carThey won’t be together. Or if you were a Thai person, you would think that when it came outcarDefinitely not a good time. But this Chinese girl has tried to solve every problem. Even went to change the color of the car to fix the problem, but nothing improved until the end.carbecame a corpse

This story takes place inChina owner girlcar “Tesla” Model Y, pink, posted a clip on Douyin telling the story after she bought “Tesla” Black color, came out of the showroom on May 7, 2023, didn’t drive much. He stepped on a nail in the left rear wheel. After repairing the tire is completed There was a child who came and scratched the paint on the left side ofcarIt’s a lot of scratches. So she had to go and fix the color.carto be pink


But after that, she encountered many karma that made hercarAlways damaged Got hit by another car in the parking lot. Make her sendcarWent to the center 2 times later.stormTyphoon Saola hitsChina 2 weeks ago stormA tile blow hit the car’s side window until it shattered. Once it was repaired,carAfter completion, the new typhoon Haikui made landfall. This time, she was more careful. So he parked the car under the building.


Until on September 8, 2023, she received a notification from the app. “Tesla” that “The car alarm sounded. The door was unlocked. and the front and rear trunks were not closed.” So she hurried to the spot where she had parked.carimmediately before finding her car The whole car was destroyed by a collapsed building.

Chinese girl ownercarwrote a message stating: “Storm Hai Kui, please bring back my car.” and “From May 7 to Sept. 7, my car’s short life was over.”



The article is in Thai

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