Indicates that Kim Jong-un’s daughter, who appeared in the media, may be the first child – MCOT Thai News Agency


SEOUL, May 26 – Kim Ju-ae, the daughter of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un who has appeared with her father in the media, could be his first child. and may be one of the representatives who will inherit the country’s leadership from him in the future

Yonhap news agency reported that Ko Yu-hwan, head of the Korean Institute for Unification, which is a research institute on North Korea in Seoul was the person who gave such an opinion Unlike previous estimates by South Korean intelligence agencies that had told the South Korean parliament that Ju-ae was Kim’s second child, South Korea’s National Intelligence Service has said it believed Kim had children. 3 people and the first one is a man, the second one is a woman, but the third one is unknown.

Ko gave an interview to reporters without providing evidence that personally He thought there was a high possibility that Ju-ae Will be Mr Kim’s second child, but it is too early to say whether Joo Ae is being cared for and prepared to be Kim’s successor, but thinks she is one of several options. Who will be the next leader of North Korea?

Intelligence agencies believe Joo-ae is 10 and has appeared several times with her father at various events after her debut last November. When she attended an intercontinental ballistic missile test. Although she appeared frequently, many political observers viewed her as There is little possibility that Ju-ae to be a political heir Because of the male-dominated North Korean society and rumors that Mr. Kim’s eldest child is a man.-Thai News Agency

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