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In this modern world, there is onlyChinese imperialismThat exports its population to “eat the city” around the world with money and government support Not the type of migrant like the pillow mat in the past Moreover, trade took unprecedented advantage over the villagers of each country.

Many people say that we should deal with China by adapting, increasing knowledge, increasing skills, which is a fist-pumping recommendation. Doing it will never succeed with the current of imperialism that is raging in China.

We can handle China only if:
1. We must make Chinese investors strictly comply with Thai laws. Will come to set up a nominee, pretend to be a Thai company and buy a house Land and apartments throughout Or doing business “Lhong” can’t buy various agricultural products.

The Thai government must arrest and fine Chinese people for breaking this law. However, it appears that some Chinese Thaijai (slave) have offered amnesty or stopped considering the establishment of a nominee as an illegal act.

2. Examination of the work of relevant civil servants For example, found any official who witnessed the act in disguise as a nominee or allow illegal wearing of Thai ID cards Must be punished by law “Slaughter the chicken for the monkeys to see.”

Moreover, if you meet professionals such as lawyers or other professionals who are accomplices with Chinese or any other foreigners. Establishment of a nominee company The new government should seize professional licenses.

3. In anti-monopoly like Long China The government should allow farmers to grow longan, durian, mangosteen or other fruits and vegetables. In each locality, a cooperative was formed. and allow Chinese businessmen to contact these cooperatives Do not let them force you to trade directly with the owner of the plantation.

Do not be intimidated by China, the price of this source will increase by 10-20% because when they are sold in China The price increased hundreds of percent. Moreover, cooperatives should be encouraged to have sufficient funds to lend to farmers. The produce will not be “green” in the first place.

4. Improve the new legal system such as
4.1 Do it like Taiwan, meaning foreigners come to buy a condominium. Must not resell in the first 3 years to prevent speculation.
4.2 Do the Australian model that allows foreigners to trade only first-hand houses. second-hand houses do not touch so that they won’t compete to buy a house with people in the country and if foreigners sell their own houses (Which has the status of a second-hand house) is considered illegal. Australia fined about 3 million baht per person and imprisoned for 3 years.

New Zealand and Canada have now banned foreigners from buying homes because the truth is they don’t boost the economy as claimed. He was afraid that China would take over.

4.3 Made in Malaysia and Indonesia by requiringForeigners can buy real estate at a higher price than the average person. so that they will not compete for national people to buy houses, for example, Malaysia sets the price of a house that foreigners will buy must not be less than 8-16 million baht

But in Thailand, foreigners buy houses at the same price as Thais. This is allowing foreigners to compete with Thais to buy houses. Only for the sake of some land developers who trade with foreigners.

How to deal with Chinese imperialism in Thai business | Sophon Pornchokchai

4.4 Repeal the announcement of the Board of Investment in the period General Prayuth allowed foreigners who received investment promotion to be able to buy 5 rai of land (outside any industrial estate) and buy 10 rai of land for the executives to live in and another 20 rai for the workers of that business. live which may be located in different places This announcement is clearly considered a “treasonous” announcement.

4.5 Abolish the regulations of the Eastern Special Economic Zone. or the EEC that allows foreigners to lease land for up to 99 yearsAnd can buy up to 100% of a condominium unit, plus can use foreign currency in Thailand separately

5. Improve the tax system by using only foreigners buying houses in Thailand. which is the same measure that Thai people buy houses abroad, for example

5.1 Act like Singapore taxing foreigners to buy real estate at 60% of market price to prevent Chinese dominance. Or at least keep 30% in the case of Hong Kong.

5.2 Collect land and building tax at 1-3% of the actual market price every year. (But in Thailand, they collect according to the government appraisal price, which is very low, plus the exception of the first 50 million baht house price according to the government appraisal price).

5.3 Collect profits tax at 20% of the actual market price.

5.4 Collection of inheritance tax, such as in Japan, property with actual market price of 150 million baht or more. will be collected at a rate of up to 55% of the actual market price. (But in Thailand, they collect according to the government appraisal price which is very low. Plus keep since the property has a price of 100 million baht or more according to the official appraisal price)

6. Strictly inspect the operations of foreigners. Be it China, Russia or any other country. The investigators may be the Crime Suppression Division. Department of Special Investigation or any other, but not the local police to prevent corruption. And the inspection forces of these agencies should be inspected periodically. as well to prevent fraud

7. Thailand may take specific measures for Chinese people.For example, the Thai government may allow Chinese people to buy condominiums for no more than 70 years, such as the Chinese government giving only this right to Chinese people in China. Or let other people rent the land for no more than 30-50 years to do business. (Do not buy or rent longer than this)

It should also encourage Thai workers in all Chinese factories to form labor unions. Just like China orders foreign factories to allow the establishment of a branch of the Communist Party of China in each factory.

If Thailand does not hurry to take preventive measures Thailand will soon be one of China’s provinces.

Foreign real estate column
Dr. Sopon Pornchokchai
Executive Chairman Thai Real Estate Research and Valuation Information Center
Agency for Real Estate Affairs Co., Ltd.

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