U.S. angered by armed invasion against Russia

U.S. angered by armed invasion against Russia
U.S. angered by armed invasion against Russia
26 May 2023 08:41

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On May 25 US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby Issued a statement to the news report that U.S. military weapons were deployed in the Russian invasion of the Belgorod province. which is adjacent to the northeastern border of Ukraine by expressing dissatisfaction that We say we have made it clear that the United States supports the use of our equipment to attack within Russian territory. We reiterate this to Ukraine. He did not want to reveal the details of what he was talking about. But we’ve made it clear all the time.

While the New York Times newspaper The report, citing a US intelligence source, said the May 3 suicide drone attack on Russia’s Kremlin palace was assessed to be the work of the Ukrainian military or U.S. intelligence special forces. Ukraine On the same day, the Russian Defense Ministry revealed that Wagner mercenary units had begun their withdrawal from Bakhmut. in the Donetsk province And hand over the stronghold to the Russian army.

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