US says Russia will never defeat Ukraine Russia aims for a decade-long war

US says Russia will never defeat Ukraine Russia aims for a decade-long war
US says Russia will never defeat Ukraine Russia aims for a decade-long war

Top US military official says Russia will not win military victory in Ukraine And the Ukrainian forces are unlikely to be able to push back all the Russian troops. to retreat from their own territory soon

“In the military of this war Russia can’t win, it can’t,” U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley said. said on Thursday (May 25), Russia’s original strategic objectives Including the overthrow of the government in Kiev. “It can’t be done in the military,” Milley told reporters. After the online meeting of dozens of countries That is a member of the Ukrainian Defense Contact Group. Also known as the Ramstein group.

There are also hundreds of thousands of Russian soldiers in Ukraine. That would make Ukraine’s goal of regaining all the territories lost to Russian forces unlikely to be realized. “In the near future,” Milley said, “that means the fight will continue. It’s going to be bloody and it’s going to be hard, and at some point Both sides will negotiate a settlement. Or there will be a military conclusion.”

Based on this assessment of Milley This reinforces the forecast in many respects that The war in Ukraine seems to have been dragged on. without a clear victory for either side and without any negotiations happening now

On the other hand, former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev a key ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin It also said that Russia’s war in Ukraine could go on for decades. According to a report by Russian news agency RIA on Thursday, quoted Medvedev referring to the ongoing conflict in connection with the struggle against Ukraine for many years alternating with several years of truce before fighting again

“This conflict will last a very long time. Probably decades,” Medvedev quoted RIA news agency as saying during a visit to Vietnam. “As long as there is such power Then there will be a three-year truce, two years of conflict and everything will repeat itself,” said Medvedev, now deputy chairman of Putin’s Security Council. Medvedev has strong views on Ukraine. and argued that a Russian defeat could spark a nuclear war

Tensions between Russia and the United States still rising while the United States Spearheading the push for international support and providing military assistance to Ukraine Including the coordination of weapons supplies from dozens of countries. in turning a clear policy direction of the United States In announcing last week that They will support the supply of advanced US-made F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine.

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin In total, Ukrainian supporters have provided nearly $65 billion in security assistance to Ukraine, said at a press conference on Thursday.

The Institute for the Study of War (ISW), an academic group based in Washington, D.C., says “long-term war” is not Russia’s goal. But as a way of adapting to the situation in Ukraine. Russia’s ability to maintain protracted military action in Ukraine is nothing but a “long war” that would give Russia the necessary time and space. in rebuilding their own military forces

“Ukrainian retaliatory forces will suffocate Russia to replenish its resources. This would have exhausted the Russian attack potential. and will eventually enable the Ukrainian forces to expel Russia from Ukraine,” ISW said.

“A collection of stories in Russia’s ‘Long War’ reflects Putin’s intention to rebuild Russia’s large-scale warfare capabilities. But it was an information operation aimed at separating the West from Ukraine. This information operation builds on previous Russian efforts, such as a series of ceasefire narratives. and nuclear extortion,” ISW added.

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