The Meteorological Department updates the path of Typhoon Mawar, following the monsoon intensification.


Meteorological Department update Path of Typhoon Mawar (MAWAR) areapacific ocean While the daily accumulated rain forecast is expected that the southwest monsoon is weak to moderate prevailing over Thailand. and is expected to gain strength from 27-30 May 2023, making Thailand cloudy.rain, thunderstormincrease and some heavy rain

Meteorological Department daily cumulative rain forecast (every 24h) 10 days in advance between 26 May-4 Jun 2023 update from the centerweather forecastMid-European Period (ECMWF) with the weak to moderate southwest monsoon prevails over Thailand. And is expected to be stronger during 27-30 May 2023, making Thailand cloudy. More rain/thunderstorms and some heavy falls

Analyze the lower wind as a curve or a curve of the southwest wind. And it is expected that a low pressure cell covers the lower Northeast, the East and will move to cover the Central. Bangkok and its vicinity The rain that occurs during this period is also a thunderstorm.

Since Thailand is still hot during the day, be careful of thunderstorms, gusty winds, and lightning. The distribution and amount of rain may not cover all areas. and fall unevenly Most of the rainfall was light to moderate rain and heavy in the lower northeast, central and eastern regions, Bangkok and its vicinity during that period. Rain usually occurs in the afternoon and evening. The southern part will have continuous rain. Especially on the monsoon side, the wind waves are weak to moderate. Away from the high waves, boaters and fishermen must be careful.

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– Meteorological Department announces Chor. 2 heavy to very heavy rain, gusty winds 27-30 May 2023

for typhoonMawar” (MAWAR) Pacific Ocean Area moving west north west (Away from Manila, about 2,000 km) is expected to move closer to the head of the island of Lusol. Philippines, around 28-30 May 2023 This storm has no direct impact on Thailand. only will attract the monsoon to be stronger (This information is subject to change based on new input data. used for decision making)

Forecast for the next 24 hours

The moderate southwest monsoon prevails over the Andaman Sea, Thailand and the Gulf of Thailand, and a low pressure cell covers upper Vietnam and Laos. This causes thunderstorms in Thailand. with gusty winds occurring in some areas With some heavy rain in the Northeast and the South West Coast But it’s still hot during the day.

Ask people to be careful of thunderstorms and strong winds. Including taking care of health due to changing weather conditions. For wind waves in the Andaman Sea are moderate. With waves 1-2 meters high and more than 2 meters in thunderstorm areas, sailors in the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand are requested to navigate with caution and avoid sailing in thunderstorm areas during this period.

Incidentally, duringDate 27 – 30 May 2023 The moderate southwest monsoon prevails over the Andaman Sea, Thailand and the Gulf of Thailand will strengthen. together with a low pressure cell that covers the coast of central Vietnam will move through Thailand to the Gulf of Martaban. This phenomenon causes more rain in Thailand. with heavy to very heavy rain in some areas

The wind waves in the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand will be stronger. The waves are 2-3 meters high in the Andaman Sea, more than 3 meters in thunderstorm areas, and 1-2 meters in the Gulf of Thailand and more than 2 meters in thunderstorm areas.

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