Karnthaka becomes the first Muslim speaker of the House of Assembly.


Thai Post Muslim news agency: Karnāthaka becomes the first Muslim Speaker of the Council.

On May 24, the past Mr. UT Khader 5-Term Member of Congress from Dakshina Kannada District, Karnathaka, Elected as Speaker of the Karnathaka Council. unanimously This made him the first Muslim in the history of the Karnataka parliament. The opposition BJP and JD(S) did not send any candidates. The previous Speaker of the House was RV Deshpande.

Mr. UT Khader

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah reminds the new Speaker of the Council that council members must not be allowed to use language that is inappropriate for the prestigious council Because before, people had the feeling that The debate in the council is poor.

Deputy Prime Minister DK Shivakumar expressed satisfaction with Mr Kader. Standing on the side of the secular regime (Separate religion from politics), despite the chaotic conflict. about hijab and halal occur in the state

Basavaraj Bommai, Former Chief Minister of Karnthaka say congratulations and that the constitution contains provisions that prioritize the position of Speaker of the House therefore asked him to work without prejudice

Mr. UT Khader

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