Review of Xiaomi TV A2, a large-screen TV, 58″ 4K, complete basic features at a price of 13,990 baht

Earlier this month, Xiaomi Thailand launched a new smart TV, Xiaomi TV A2, with 2 screen sizes: 43″ (FHD) and 58″ (4K). The interesting point is probably the lower price to 7,990. baht and 13,990 baht, respectively (promotion price sold through Big C) is an interesting product in terms of price performance.

Blognone received the Xiaomi TV A2, a 58-inch screen model from Xiaomi Thailand, to test it out.

The location of the Xiaomi TV A2

Smart TV market in Thailand Considered to be divided into two major levels, namely premium brands such as Sony, Samsung, LG that focus on the quality of the panel screen. and other high-end features with cheap brands Especially Chinese brands like Hisense or TCL that focus on TVs that offer all the basic features (such as 4K Android TV) at an affordable price.

The case of Xiaomi TV must be considered in the latter group, with Xiaomi having done the smart TV market in Thailand before with the Mi TV P1 model that is 4K size 55 ” (different sizes 3″) at a price of 15,990 baht.

As for Xiaomi TV A2 58″, which is considered an “updated” model of 2022, some specifications are slightly reduced from the P1 model, such as using a panel that supports the DCI-P3 color value reduced from 94% to 90% and does not support HDR10 + (but also have Dolby Vision and HDR10) in exchange for selling at a lower price The general public who buys a TV at this price level probably doesn’t care much about these issues.

The direction of the price of the Xiaomi TV A2 that focuses on lower prices It also reflects the 43″ model that brings the FHD resolution version to sell instead of the 43″ 4K model in some countries. The answer from Xiaomi is the same reason that it wants to push the price down. to reach wider customers

Xiaomi smart TVs that are sold in Thailand Image from Xiaomi Thailand web page

The specification of Xiaomi TV A2 meets all the basics.

The rough specification of Xiaomi TV A2 is

  • 58″ screen, 4K UHD resolution 3840×2160
  • Supports 90% DCI-P3 color width, 10-bit (1.07 billion colors), 60Hz refresh rate.
  • Support for HDR standards is Dolby Vision and HDR10.
  • Dual 10W x 2 speakers on the bottom edge, support for Dolby Audio and DTS-HD standards.
  • Processor: Quad-core Cortex-A55, unspecified model, Mali G52 MP2 GPU, 2GB RAM, 16GB storage
  • The Android TV 10 operating system supports Google Assistant built-in.
  • Port HDMI x3, USB 2.0 x2, Ethernet x1, Composite In (AV)
  • Xiaomi standard Bluetooth remote

I must say that the basic usage From the design of the device, port placement, operating system, remote control of Xiaomi TV A2 is almost the same as other Xiaomi TVs (such as Xiaomi TV Q1E that Blognone has reviewed) in almost all respects. In terms of use, they are not different at all. For the conciseness of the content will not go into much detail in this section.

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Exterior design and installation

The external design of the Xiaomi TV A2 58″ is considered the standard as the 2022 TV should be, using a thin bezel design. (Even if not to a very thin level or borderless like some top TV models)

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The back is a single piece of plastic that Xiaomi calls a unibody design. The whole machine is all black. There is only one black color. The side of the machine is not as thin as many high-end TV models on the market.

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Because the machine is quite large Therefore, it has to use 2 legs, separated from the left and right to help support the weight. Stand material is plastic. Installation, just unscrew 2 normal bolts on each side, it can be placed firmly. (When unscrewing the nut, you need to find someone to help support it.)

Once plugged in, it works immediately. (There are 2 types of plugs in the box: Thai plug and British plug. The setup screen is the standard Android TV screen that is now easy to sync from your mobile phone.

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connection port

The connection ports are all at the back, 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB-A ports, which should be enough for today’s use to some extent (having an Android TV built-in eliminates the need for plug-ins. The TV box is almost gone. It’s just a game console, a PC, or some people may still be using a Blu-ray player.)

The only complaint would be to place all the ports on the right side. It can be very inconvenient for homes where the connection device needs to be placed on the left side.

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Android TV 10 operating system

The operating system of Xiaomi TV A2 uses Google’s Android TV version 10 (not yet Google TV like some brands like Sony or TCL), with some tweaks added to Xiaomi’s apps, such as Xiaomi TV+, which is a streaming TV of own company (In some countries there is an additional UI called PatchWall that doesn’t work in our homes yet)

But in principle, the main idea is that it is a standard version of Android TV like other TVs. There is Google Play to install apps by yourself as needed. The default streaming apps included are YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video.


I believe that customers who buy 4K smart TVs should choose to watch on-demand clips via streaming. More than traditional terrestrial TV channels (Or if watching a TV channel, choose to watch it streamed over the internet instead of the antenna.)

In the case of the Xiaomi TV A2, the Android TV is the standard operating system of today’s TVs. You can watch content via streaming such as YouTube, Netflix or Thai streaming services like True ID, AIS Play without any problems. This is what we already expect from a smart TV purchase. This is no different from other brands of Android TV smart TVs.

As for 4K content, it depends on the source where you watch it, such as YouTube 4K, which still has only certain clips, or Netflix 4K that has to pay the most expensive package to watch.

Operation via Xiaomi’s remote is convenient. There is a Google Assistant button to press for voice commands. If there are any complaints, the positioning of the Back/Home button is a bit difficult to understand at first. But if you’re already familiar with it, there shouldn’t be a problem.

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However, it must be admitted that this Xiaomi TV A2 does not have high-end features like other premium brands, for example, it lacks gaming features such as VRR (variable refresh rate), Dolby Atmos sound system or advanced screen panels that provide better picture quality. general tv

But if the goal of the purchase is to watch a large screen 58″ TV, watch clips via streaming. There are complete apps to choose from in the Android TV universe or may be connected to a game console to play some 4K games. It must be said that Xiaomi TV A2 answers everything at a price of 13,990 baht (now there is a promotion plus a fan too. ) with the Xiaomi brand, it must be very interesting compared to all the options on the market right now.

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