“Nana” reveals the mental state of “Paula” after breaking up, “Edward” smiles on her best friend, prepares to fly back to work in Thailand: PPTVHD36

Paula Taylor announces divorce from husband Edward

after the actress “Paula Taylor” came out to announce the separation of her husband, a half-Hong Kong-British businessman “Edward Buttery” (Edward Buttery) The end of 12 years of married life, leaving only the status of friends and acting as parents of all 3 children.

Recently, one of my best friends in the “angel gang” like “Nana Raibena” has opened his mind through an entertainment day After a close friend came back single by revealing that

Married life for 12 years “Paula-Edward” before reaching a dead end that there are no signs of love, there are cracks?!?

“Keep talking, keep talking, keep talking. as Paula has gone down It’s a status like that as Paula has explained. We’re already encouraging each other because it’s actually something that has been going on for quite some time as well. We also think that friends whose best duty is to support each other in every moment. The whole group of us talked and acknowledged the matter and it was like a kind of encouragement. It’s a delicate matter. I think that this kind of encouragement is the most important thing.

Nana understood that every family, Nana, thought that no one wanted this to happen anyway. Therefore, we can only encourage each other. and respect the decision of both of them It’s what we can do. I would like to cheer up for Paula and the whole family. This is a sensitive subject and there are children, so I want it to be what Paula said.”

In addition, “Nana” also revealed that “Now I think that Paula herself is strong enough to move on, soon preparing to return to work in Thailand. As for the details, it would be better to wait to hear from Paula herself.”

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