Who is Enid Wednesday? Know Emma Myers, who plays the cutest wolf.

Who is Enid Wednesday? Get to know Emma Myers, the actress who portrays Enid Sinclair, the wild-hearted wolf girl. Another star from the hot Netflix series Wednesday.

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Currently trending in the Top 10 around the world at this time for detective series mixed with fantasy and horror on Netflix like “Wednesday” The story of the gloomy eldest daughter of the Addams family from The Addams Family that anyone who has watched it must say that it is very fun and can’t wait for the next season. In addition to the heroine like Janna Ortega Then another girl who completely steals the hearts of the audience must give it to Enid Sinclair or Enid, a werewolf who loves colors and cannot transform. Wednesday’s bipolar roommate, played bycelebritygirl Emma Myers (Emma Myers) That’s it. For those who got hit and want to know.celebrity historyThis foreigner, who is she? According to the dot-com jar, let’s get to know each other.

Picture from: Netflix

Emma Myers The 20-year-old young actress was born on April 2, 2002 in Los Angeles, California, USA. Which she herself has worked through both series and movies quite a bit, starting with The Glades (2010) and starring as a supporting role in the movie Letters to God (2010), followed by A Taste of Christmas (2020), Dead. of Night (2020) and The Baker and the Beauty (2020), as well as appearing in the recent film Girl in the Basement (2021).

seen in this lovely bright series But in real life, Emma Myers is a nerd who used to be bullied and homeschooled. Until I’m not good at socializing Being there to film Wednesday helped her open up to others more easily and also gave her her first dance experience. and even as an American teenager But she also has a crush on Asian actor Wang Yibo and K-Pop singer Seventeen. How cute is she off-screen? We have pictures to share with you.

Friends, Bad Boys of Nevermore School

Wolf girl with gel nails ready to pierce the heart

The only brightness in the story

in the tight screen But off the screen they are very close.

I actually have brown hair.

Beautiful looks at the premiere

werewolf girl cat slave

When I saw it, I wanted to hug my sister to get rid of the cold.

playfulness is number one

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