urgent! central world on fire The fire raged under the escalator and was finally under control.

There was a fire. The latest Central World Department Store, Pathum Wan Police Station, reported that the shopping center had already controlled the incident and did not spread.

Today (December 3) at about 4:40 p.m., a fire occurred in Central World Department Store. The cause is currently unknown. People in the mall were scrambling out of the area. Anyone who is going to travel is advised to avoid

By Twitter users @bb0un or Boon Noppanat Kantachai, a famous teenage actor posted a clip of the event While the fire was severely under the escalator.

Recently, Twitter @js100radio reported that “Patumwan police station reported a fire incident inside Central World. centralworld at 4:25 p.m. Initially, the shopping center had already controlled the incident, did not spread and informed the evacuation of people outside.

latest progress

shopping center firefighter Central World takes 10 minutes to control the fire that is expected to be caused by The photo booth is decorated with lights, it is believed that a short circuit occurred at the decorated lights until it caught fire and spread to the escalator. and evacuate people from the building Accelerate the release of the smoke. As for the cause, wait for the evidence division to examine thoroughly again.

while Police Colonel Pansa Amaraphithak Station Superintendent Pathumwan Police Station Revealed that the fire started at the photo shop facade. Under the escalator on the 1st floor, the Groove zone on the Rama 1 Road side, where the photo booth is decorated with lights

It is expected that a short circuit at the decorative lights will catch fire and spread to the escalator. The escalator contains lubricating oil, thus fueling the fire. cause a fire and there is a lot of smoke

After the incident, the Fireman or the department’s fire department can Use equipment to quickly extinguish the fire. Now in the process of exhausting smoke

Initially, there were no injuries or deaths. As for the real cause, waiting for the Evidence Fund staff to check again.

Superintendent of Pathumwan Police Station Confirmed by visual inspection No fire was found on the Christmas tree.

Later, Central World Shopping Center issuing clarification documents Center staff have taken control of the situation. Completed within 10 minutes and returned to normal. without any injuries whatsoever and is releasing smoke as soon as possible

by shopping center Still open for business as usual Close only some relevant zones.

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