Songkhla booms Sanan!!! Hat Yai-Padang Besar Train Trucking blocked rubber for export Derailed and destroyed dozens of cabinets.

Songkhla – Sadao Freight train 707 D5218 from Hat Yai Railway Station to Padang Besar derailed, resulting in 10 heavy damages to the containers, the blocked rubber being thrown scattered Initially, it was believed that it was caused by a bomb. due to a deep hole under the tracks

Dec. 3, 2022, around 12:00 noon, many officers brought in to investigate the crime scene The train derailed in the area of ​​Moo 2, Tha Pho Sub-district, Sadao District, Songkhla Province, about 3 kilometers from Ban Khlong Ngae Railway Station.

It was found that it was a train B.707 (Hat Yai – Padang Besar) D 5218 with Mr. Kriengsak Petchngam, Mr. Sarayut Nuchoo, subordinate to Sor Ror. 1- 10 derailed and the cargo damaged Until the blocked rubber that was loaded was bounced off. scattered around the scene But no one was injured or killed in any way.

A railway official told reporters that The derailment this time is expected to be caused by the force of the explosion. Because a large hole was found near the railroad tracks. and the cargo was severely damaged, including the train tracks. that is longer than 2 meters in the part of the locomotive is not damaged Now it is stored at Padang Besar Railway Station.

The villagers near the scene said A loud explosion was heard in the forest. Before there was a sound of a train colliding with a car or something. When I came out to see, I found that many trains had derailed. During the explosion, there was a strong vibration that caused broken glass in house Causing a lot of fear to the people

Most recently, Pol.Lt.Gen. Wara Vechaphinan Commander-in-Chief of Police, Songkhla Province along with EOD officers, security agencies have visited the area to monitor the situation and cleared the area around the accident scene and examine the collection of evidence Which this train is a convoy of goods in the form of block rubber packed in a cargo (container) for export to Malaysia. But came to be secretly bombed first and is expected to be an improvised explosive device A large explosion hole was found under the tracks.

For the bombing incident on the Hat Yai – Padang Besar route which happened for the first time It has been observed that the target of the villain in this bombing was sabotaged by the train. Want to destroy the tourism and economic climate? due to the opening of the joint train operation Between Thailand and Malaysia Go straight on the route Kuala Lumpur – Hat Yai. After on September 16 the past. There has been one trial run and it was successful with a full line of tourists. And there will be a plan to open the bus all the time during the weekends. Because it has received attention from Malaysian tourists.

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