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Live broadcast program for the 2022 World Cup, watch live football 4 matches in a row, England vs the United States, which channel is Czech?

Live broadcast of the 2022 World Cup today (November 25, 2022) There are 4 pairs of matches entering the second game of Group A and B, a large team like England will meet with United States of America playing doubles late tonight, while netherlands vs ecuador Have to see which nation will win 2 games in a row

battle World Cup 2022 In Qatar, the first match at 5:00 p.m. Thai time, the game in Group B between wales vs iran Broadcast live on True4U, JKN18 and TrueSports 2.

Then, during 8:00 p.m. Group A, the host Qatar vs Senegal Broadcast live on True4U, PPTV HD 36 and TrueSports 2, another pair in the same group. netherlands vs ecuador Broadcast live on PPTV HD 36 and TrueSports 2 kick-off time 23.00

Couple late at 2:00 a.m. Group B Roaring Lion England will win the 2nd match United States of America This pair will be broadcast live on True4U and TrueSports 2.

Group A score table

1. Netherlands, 1 match, 3 points (+2)

2. Ecuador 1 match 3 points (+2)

3. Senegal 1 match 0 points (-2)

4. Qatar 1 match 0 points (-2)

Group B score table

1. England, 1 match, 3 points (+4)

2. Wales 1 match 1 point (+0)

3. USA 1 match 1 point (+0)

4. Iran 1 match 0 points (-4)

How to watch World Cup 2022

– Digital TV box, watch free through free TV 17 channels, consisting of True4U (True4u), T-Sport, Channel 3, Channel 5, Channel 7, Channel 8, Channel 9 MCOT, NBT, ThaiPBS, Thairath TV, Amarin TV , Mono 29 , PPTV 36 , GMM25 , Nation TV , ONE 31 and JKN18

– True Vision customers can watch True4U and live digital TV channels, while TrueSports 2 or TrueSports 5 depends on the package.

– The True ID box can watch True4U and live digital TV channels, while TrueSports 2 or TrueSports 5 depends on the available package. As for viewing through the True ID website, it will not be possible to watch in all cases.

– Latest other boxes (as of November 24, 2022) NBTC has sent a letter to IPTV service providers such as 3BB, NT, AIS so that Internet TV box service providers, IPTV, both AIS PLAYBOX, 3BB TV , NT TOT IPTV can now watch the 2022 World Cup according to the Must Carry rules.

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