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Pregnant stars in 2022 open a directory of pregnant stars who are about to give birth to end the year of the Tiger

Who are the celebrities pregnant in 2022? Open a directory of pregnant stars who are about to give birth Counting down to wait to meet the little baby’s face. New Year’s Eve Golden Tiger But tell me that even though I’m pregnant. Each celebrity mother is still beautiful and unchanged.

The Year of the Golden Tiger is a year of joy for the entertainment industry. Because since the beginning of the year, mothercelebrityMany celebrities have had the opportunity to warmly welcome their little heirs. Until the end of the year like this, there are thosepregnant starAnnouncing good news for fans to know that they arepregnantLittle babies, some of whom became pregnant for the first time. Preparing to be a new mother with a red label And another part welcomes the second new member of the family. pregnant stars 2022 Let’s come to check that. pregnant actress near to give birth who is there

1. Sara Holer

You don’t have to guess who the news about pregnant stars is about to give birth, age 30+, because a good-natured girl, Sara Holer or Sara AF, has come to reveal herself via Instagram and YouTube in healthy cooking clips. See a soft bulging belly and end with the word “SARA BABY”. Friends in the entertainment industry came to congratulate this event.

Picture from: Instagram sara_hohler

2. Ice Apisada

actress who is about to give birth With the hot mother-to-be, Ice Apisada, who was pregnant with her first daughter for 8 months, but still had a beautiful, hot body and extremely strong after a French husband’s drama was dug into her history, she was not afraid. which will be born around January next year He also intends to have a second child.

Picture from: Instagram apitsada

3. Kanuengnit bus

Came to the actress of the host Bus Kanuengnit, who is now pregnant with her husband Ball Sumeth for 8 months, even though she is pregnant and close to giving birth. But the beauty of the mother-to-be is still flawlessly bright. Raised to be another mother who always takes good care of herself.

pregnant star

Picture from: Instagram rodmayaloha

4. Jui Warattaya

A couple of young actresses Jui Warattaya and husband DJ Putti Puttichai, who previously announced good news via Instagram in early June that Jui is pregnant with her first child. After trying for more than 3 years until now, it’s called counting down to the final curve. before seeing baby’s face in a few moments This event celebrates a 4-year wedding anniversary with the words 3 people, father, mother and son. Satisfied.

pregnant star

Picture from: Instagram warattaya

5. Taya Rogers

After having a daughter, Nong Mila, as a gold chain, Taya Rogers and her husband, football player Mika Chunuansri, revealed the good news that she was pregnant with her second child. which is male which is due to give birth at the end of December I can hardly wait to see how cute it looks.

pregnant star

Picture from: Instagram tayastarling

6. Da Endorphine

After a young woman with a good voice like Da Endorphine, she recently got married. Then there was another good news. When the person posted an ultrasound clip about to have a little baby And now she’s more than 6 months pregnant. But the mother is still holding the microphone to show the power of the sound to work in a cool way

pregnant star

Picture from: Instagram daendorphine

7. Tan Kanya

Congratulations on being another new mother. For actress Tan Kanya after marrying Popp Jenwiriyasophak The businessman’s boyfriend went on June 18th. She is now pregnant with her first child. and look even more beautiful with aura Super soft water

pregnant star

Picture from: Instagram tarnkanya

8. Kiewkoi Khwankawin

Another Channel 7 actress, Kiewkoi Kwankawin, is almost ready to give birth. At this time, the person and her husband seem to be extremely happy. Plus, she’s very proud of her daughter. I even made a new room for it. It can be called ready to be a complete new parent.

pregnant star

Picture from: Instagram kiewkoi

Female actresses that each mother will grow pregnant But it’s still very beautiful and bright.

Photo credit: Instagram sara_hohler, apitsada, rodmayaloha, warattaya, tayastarling, daendorphine, tarnkanya, kiewkoi

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